Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, June 13, 2016

Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

I am IN LOVE with Baltimore. No joke. End of story. I'm in love and never leaving. 
A lot happened this week and I literally have no time to tell you all of it. I'm sorry. But I'm going to give you just a little run down. I said goodbye to all of my eternal friends in Odenton. Theresa and her family even bought cake and we had a party on my last night. I'm going to miss that place SO much, but I'll come visit. I promise :) 
I got to meet my new ward. Chesapeake is where it's at! My new companion, Sister Bindrup, is amazing. We're doing a lot of work here just trying to clean things up and find new people to teach! It's a HUGE ward with lots of potential! We even found a new investigator last Friday... speaking of last Friday... I've officially been a missionary for an entire YEAR now. 365 days (plus some). Wow. That's weird and a million things are going through my mind just thinking about it. Time flies by so fast. But, to celebrate, we went to downtown Baltimore, found a dirty and sketchy alley, and threw some glitter to leave some sparkle. Don't worry, I have lots of pictures for y'all this week. It'll be picture overload. Can't celebrate without any glitter! 
Then, on Saturday, it was, like, the best day of my life! AMETHYST GOT BAPTIZED!!! I got to go back to Odenton for her baptism and it was amazing!!! I'M JUST SO HAPPY FOR HER! I will be there the day she goes through the temple, and she'll be getting a mission call one day, I just know it! I'm pumped. I love it. Seeing lives change, especially hers, has been the most rewarding thing on my mission. It's a miracle. She is amazing. I love her. And I can't wait to hear more and more about her journey :)
Sunday was great! We had an awesome meeting with Bishop and his family. The work in this ward is HASTENING! Today we got to meet with our investigator Sandra (even though it's P-day), and got to teach her the Law of Chastity. She just got everything and she's already making those changes in her life to be baptized! I'm so excited for her, too! Oh, and fun fact, this ward is the most diverse ward EVER. There's Brazilians, Africans, Slovenians... just people from ALL over! It's great :) 
Another fun fact: my district leader, Elder Clark, totally went to high school with me... I didn't know him, though. So shout out to Weber High! 
Oh boy, Baltimore is amazing. I love it here. I just feel like I'm go go go all the time and that's the best! I love just working! And it's so much fun here! I'm always laughing. It's seriously the greatest! 
Well, enjoy all of these pictures this week. Life is amazing. People are changing their lives and Christ is changing their hearts. God is so good. 

Sister Humphrey

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