Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Miracle that Rescues You and Me

Happy (early) Halloween! I hope you all have a blast this Halloween! Don't forget to send me pictures! 
So, today I just realized that's it's been a year since I decided to go on a mission. ONE YEAR! So, most of you who know me know that I never wanted to serve. Ever. I never thought of myself as a missionary, nor did I ever want to be, but a year ago Heavenly Father told me that this is what I needed to do, whether I liked it or not. And from the moment I decided to follow Heavenly Father's counsel, my life has been changed forever. I'm not to the point in my mission where I can say that I never want to leave, but I have gotten to the point where I can say that my mission has forever changed me. I am a different person. I am not the person I was when I left. And that's okay, because I'm growing, changing, and becoming (hopefully) the person Heavenly Father knows I can be.  And I just hope I'm doing Him proud. 
So, this week we had a lot of stuff happen! And I'm basically on cloud 9! Two of my investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized on Nov 21st this week!!! YAY! Due to Satan's attacks, however, they're not sure if they can still do that day, BUT they definitely still want to be baptized :) All in the Lord's timing, I guess. And all 6 of our investigators are learning and growing and The Lord is just blessing us immensely! 
Also, the 8 year old daughter we're teaching (who was on date for baptism) has officially given me the nickname of "Crazy Cat Lady" and I think I proved my point today when I bought myself a 2016 Kitty Calendar. I'm in love. Ha-ha. 
So, I got to go on exchanges again with Sister Jeppson in Hagerstown! She's going home next week, so she got to be my first exchange and I got to be her last :) How precious ;) Anyway, she's awesome and I always learn so much from her! I never feel judged, only loved, when I'm with her and she makes my life so much better. I'm sad she's leaving me, but I'm also excited for all that she has in store for her! 
So, I have a cool story that has totally just made my entire mission....
DAVE WAS BAPTIZED!!!! Dave is the husband of a recent convert in our ward, Holly, who is basically like my missionary mom. She's awesome and we're over at their home at least once a week. I just love them both and Dave gives me ice cream :) This last Saturday was the day Dave committed to be baptized and it actually happened! I got to speak at his baptism on Baptism (go figure) and then sing with a couple of the other sisters, "The Miracle". Beautiful song. Dave cried. I cried. Sister Bench cried. We all cried, let's be real. And Dave is seriously just so awesome. When I found out why he decided to get baptized, my respect level for him went SO high (not that it wasn't super high before), but he told us he decided to get baptized the day that his son Jake told him he loved him, which doesn't happen all the time; and he knew that he needed to get baptized and start living the life that was going to help his son. And he knew this was it! Because it is! And it's just the beginning for this family :) In a year, they can go to be sealed for time and all eternity!!! I hope I get to be there to witness that :) It was basically the happiest day of my life. I'm just smiling from ear to ear! GAHH!!! I love that family, :) and I'm so proud of them! That definitely was a miracle :) And it's because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we can all be changed for the better. 
I love this Gospel :)
So that is that. The Church is True. The Book is Blue. Go tell somebody ;) 
Quote of the Week: "I am confident that an even greater harvest will be achieved now as righteous, committed missionaries fulfill the Savior's commandment to preach His Gospel." -Elder Cook
Scripture of the Week: D&C 6:36


Sister Humphrey