Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, July 25, 2016

"To the Dreamers..."‏

Another For King and Country songs as my subject line. They just get me. I'll be listening to that one at the Olympics one day ;) Ha-ha.
So, for real, though, this week has been such a dream! I, again, don't have a lot of time to email, but we saw SO MANY MIRACLES! 
During the beginning of the week we got to see a lot of people for Sis. Bindrup to say goodbye. She's now home. Shout out to MACKENZIE! I then met my new companion, Sister Hokafonu. She's Tongan, but she was born and raised in California. She's a missionary from the PA mission. It's been quite an adjustment to her, but she's doing SO GREAT! She's a champ! Our mission is a very obedient mission because of the culture here, and it's just not like that in all missions, so it's been an adjustment, but rather than thinking it's unfair or anything, she's trying to change and become better and she's LOVING Baltimore, because, let's be real, everyone would love Baltimore. 
So, due to time, I'm only going to highlight the week:
Teresa had her Baptismal interview this week and SHE PASSED! We blew balloons for her :) We got to make Coxinha with Sandra and Sis. Goncalves. It's a Brazilian food and it's DELICIOUS! I drank Mexican coke for the first time... I don't even like soda. It was yummy, but I couldn't even finish it. Ha-ha. I tried, though! I got to see Sis. Carpenter and Sis. Van Vliet at transfers :) I love them! We bought white scrubs for Teresa to get baptized in on Wednesday and she bought me a Maryland bracelet :) She's the greatest. I'll send a picture later, hopefully. I dressed like a pioneer (not that hard as a missionary...) for an activity for the youth at Bishop's. We ate s'mores ;) And Lily bought us more ice cream :)
Sis. Hokafonu was able to have her first taste of Baltimore. She saw some tumble “weave" on the streets and we had a lesson with Michelle. We met with Sandra and she's been 3 days free of cigarettes!!!! She's having a really hard time, so please pray for her. Our car decided to have some troubles and stop working correctly, but then it started working normally the next day. Weird. The signals wouldn't work and neither would any of the buttons on the steering wheel. I had to use my arm for turn signals... 
On Friday we had MLC! It was pretty big because the District Leaders came. To be honest, it was basically just a review of how the MBM works for the new missionaries in our mission.... but in an instruction format ha-ha. So nothing new really. We did learn about some new ways to teach the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ as a story making it more of an analogy. I got to practice by teaching Tearra (Sandra's friend and our investigator) the Plan of Salvation using a gymnastics/cheer leading analogy :) She loved it :) 
President is teasing me more and more lately. I love it Ha-ha. 
On Saturday morning TERESA GOT BAPTIZED!!! Oh yes she did :) Her friend who referred her to us, Ryan Tall, came from Columbia to baptize her and she had an amazing experience :) Sandra came as well and is excited for her own baptism coming up! Oh, and I found out that on Saturday, Missy and Jason, the Davis' daughter and son-in-law that I started teaching in Odenton just got baptized!!!! I'll forward you pictures.
We went to a ward picnic where flies started BITING me... Seriously, they drew blood. It hurt. But it was a good picnic in 105 degree weather + humidity. I about died. 
Then on Sunday, we had a MIRACLE! We were able to get a ride from Teresa, our brand spanking new member, to West Baltimore to pick up Tearra, down to Columbia to meet with the Savage Mill Sisters. It was a long drive, but I was able to exchange with Sister Bartchi, who went into Martinsburg after I left. We both taught this young girl named Arianna. She got BAPTIZED FINALLY on Sunday :) :) :) And it was a miracle, but we were able to go. I sent pictures of that already :) YAY! Then we drove back and Teresa gave us all a ride home despite some bad news she heard from a friend of hers. She's having a rough day, so please pray for some comfort for her :/. But after this weekend, FOUR SOULS have entered in through the gate on to eternal life. It's been such a blessing to be able to see the fruits of my labors. As my mission gets nearer and nearer to the end, I'm able to see more and more of some of those seeds start to develop. It's amazing. God has used me as an instrument and he uses each and every one of us daily, often without our knowledge of it, and it's such a privilege and a blessing to see it. I love this life. I love my mission. And I know that these miracles don't end when a mission does. They continue on in your own life long after your service. And I promise they're in your life as well.
I pray for you all often and you're an inspiration for me. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Quote of the Week: "Seek to be personally converted, obey the rules of the mission, strive to have the Spirit of the Lord in your life, and work hard. These are the things every missionary can do. If you do those things, I promise you in the name of the Lord and with the authority of my office, you are a success in His eyes." -Elder Holland
Scripture of the Week: D&C 6:13
P.s. I just found out that we don't get to go to Mormon night at the Orioles game this year :( Sad day, BUT we will be having a member of the 12 come to our mission on Sept.12th! I CAN'T wait! 

Sister Humphrey

(the following pictures were sent in multiple emails with the following comments, so good luck trying to figure out what is what...)

Here are my pictures from two weeks ago :) 
After numerous attempts and trying different computers at different libraries, I finally found a computer that worked!! YAY! So, here are my pictures from the last week :) Enjoy! 
I got to see Sister Carpenter at Transfers this week! AND at a baptism in Martinsburg! YAY!