Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Windows of Heaven Have Opened

   So, basically my companion and I have been very blessed this week. Let's just say, being a missionary is the best thing ever! As we've been studying, we've been thinking a lot about positive thinking, which I think I mentioned in one of my previous emails. Go read Alma 36 and ponder the effects of positive thinking as you read! It's so amazing! If that doesn't show you how much your thoughts affect your life, I don't know what would. 
     So, this week started with a lot of walking. On Monday our cars were grounded because it started snowing a little bit (seriously, there was barely an inch on the ground). So we walked in freezing rain all night, but we saw more miracles! As we were walking, we felt impressed to go visit one of our investigators Amethyst. She's just awesome and this week has been a crazy one with her. She lived a few miles away from us, though, so we knew it'd be a rough walk in the freezing cold. We said a prayer and kept walking. Shortly before we arrived to her home, a member family drove up to us. They'd seen us walking and offered a ride, then practically demanded that we call them when we're done so they could give us a ride home :) We had a miracle lesson with Amethyst and got to spend more time with her. #PrayerWorks.
On Tuesday we had a wonderful Zone Conference with President and Sister Christiansen. Sister Larsen and I got to "report" on our area and all of the miracles we've seen while focusing on spiritually planning! It was the best :) We've seen so many miracles here in Odenton, and it was amazing to just write it all down and see a glimpse of the work the Lord is doing with us. We are truly instruments in the Lord's hands, and I hope I can keep refining myself to be the best instrument I can be. We also watched a little ABC Lifetime documentary on "Mormon Sister Missionaries"... it was basically the funniest thing of my entire life. People really don't know much about us at all! Just FYI, Sister Missionaries aren't serving just to get the attention of men and manipulate them into believing this is true. That's just not our purpose ha-ha. 
     We also had many miraculous visits with some less-active sisters in our ward. We got to talk to one of them about serving a mission and her heart was totally softened to that idea! She'd be a great missionary :) We also got to teach Amethyst more about being a missionary, and she wants to be one someday! She had a very dramatic week and it's been really rough, but as we've been teaching her the Atonement and repentance, she's been changing. She could influence SO many. She already is. And I hope one day she accepts all of the blessings of Christ's atonement. That would be a glorious day.
     On Friday, I got to go on exchanges with the Hermanas! Hermana Tuttle came with me :) She's so funny! I love being able to learn from these Sisters as a Sister Training Leader. I know the Lord is able to work through me to truly help these sisters and I saw that on exchanges. Hermana Tuttle and I also saw miracles in Odenton! We picked up a new investigator, Crystal. She's a mother of 3 and so totally prepared :) We had an amazing lesson with Amethyst, and got to do some service for a less-active member in the ward who is really really struggling. As we were talking with her, she shared her experience with the Holy Ghost and how He's been able to help her stop smoking! She's been smoke free for a month now!! The light has started to come back into her eyes. After exchanges, Sister Larsen went over there again and even more light filled her countenance. We talked with her and found out she'd just barely forgiven this man who had repeatedly abused her. She'd talked with him and given it all to God. She forgave. And her burden was lifted. She had that light and happiness. It was visible and it was evident. I haven't seen many people change overnight, because change is gradual, but that action she took literally changed her. She's been working on it for a really long time, but she finally let the Atonement work in her life. She came to church yesterday for the first time in a really long time. The light is back in her life. And she's been changed!
     At that visit with the less-active member, we also got to teach her daughter (one of our investigators) the Restoration, and two of her friends were there! The friends LOVED the message and they came to church yesterday, too! We picked up two new investigators in that visit. 
     On Saturday, after exchanges, we had our Social Media Split Saturday, so maybe y'all will see me on Social Media! We also had lunch with a potential investigator, Natasha, and she is amazing! She has been looking for the right church for a while now and she truly wants to find it. She wants to have that personal revelation and guidance in her life. We taught her the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and she LOVED it! She's been reading and studying it like crazy! She couldn't come to church yesterday, but she's coming next week! #NewInvestigator
That same Saturday, we found another new investigator! At dinner with a member family, a neighbor walked into their home obviously distraught. She's been grieving over the loss of her husband recently, and there was so much pain in her eyes. Over dinner, we and the family taught her about Christ. She was in SO much pain. She had no hope. Nothing. She didn't have the gospel. She didn't know Christ was there for her. She literally had no hope. I can't even imagine what that would feel like. But as we taught her, she kept looking at the picture of Christ this family had in her kitchen. She went from not believing in Christ, to yearning for the truth of His existence. She found a little ember of hope and clung to it. We'll be going back to teach her on Tuesday. 
So, basically this week was full of miracles. We found five new investigators, and we are currently teaching 10 prepared people. God is SO good. SO good. 
I love being a missionary and I never want this feeling to end. 

Scripture of the Week: D&C 58: 2-4
Quote of the Week: "Never stop striving for the best that is within you. Never stop hoping for all of the righteous desires of your heart. But don't close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each day's ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sister Humphrey

P.S. I don't think I ever put my new address in my group email, so if any of y'all want to right me, I'd love to hear from you! Oh, and s'mores with caramel and chocolate are basically the best things ever. And with Reese's. Try it. 

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