Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, November 9, 2015

Welcome to the "Dirty-burg"

So, for those of you who don't know, TRANSFERS were this week! And I got transferred to Martinsburg, AKA "The Dirty-burg". It's very ghetto on one side of the area and very West Virginia hick on the other side... So there's that. We currently have zero investigators, which is tough coming from an area with 8 investigators that I love SO much, but it's been good. We're going out and we're going to FIND PEOPLE TO TEACH! 
So, my journey to Martinsburg has been quite an adventure; let me tell you about it. The day of transfers, my new sweet companion, Sister Brown, was sick with a sinus infection, so we had to take her to the doctors immediately after transfers. That took a long time. Then we had to go get an oil change.... which took over two HOURS in Frederick. We didn't end up in Martinsburg until 6pm and we had the car PACKED full of our stuff. We made it there though, so that was a blessing. Then we quickly got our stuff out of the car and we were in by 9:30pm. So, to tell you a bit about Sister Brown, she just graduated High School in May, just turned 19 in October, she's from Cedar City, and she's awesome. So there's that. Day 2 in Martinsburg is where things really get interesting, though. So, we live in an apartment that's pretty nice, but Elders used to live there so it's a bit trashed. And it's outside of the ward boundaries and our area, so we can't really walk anywhere. And it's far enough outside the area, and it's surrounded by sketchy areas, that walking/biking from our apartment to anywhere, is basically no bueno. Not safe. So we don't, but we went shopping during our lunch time for some quick groceries because we didn't get to the first day and long story short, we had to get our car towed because the people who changed our oil didn't do it right and it leaked everywhere and we were running on 0 oil.... So we were stuck on the side of the road for hours. And we have been without a car since Thursday. AND we probably won't be getting our car back until the end of this week, which makes missionary work pretty interesting. Now, y'all might just be thinking that we're lazy and we should just bike and such, but, trust me, Martinsburg is sketchy and we've been forbidden from doing that, ha-ha. So, we have been getting rides from AMAZING members. Despite all the craziness of these last few days, we're getting to know the area and the members and we're seeing miracles. My new companion is feeling better and she's AWESOME! Sister Brown is working so hard and she's trying so hard to be the best missionary she can be and that's all I could ever ask for. It's been challenging this week with everything going on, but training her as a new missionary has been the least of my worries. Heavenly Father is working miracles and the work is going to pick up because we have the faith and we are doing the work. I couldn't even imagine a better place to be than Martinsburg with everything going on. This ward is amazing and they are just FULL of love. So,that's been my week.

I just wanted to have a HUGE shout out to Kennede Clarke for getting her Mission call to California!!!! YAY!!! And another HUGE shout out to my own sister Karli for getting her mission call as a (young church) service missionary at the Layton DI!!! I'm so proud of you both, and especially my sister for pushing hard and serving the Lord. Always remember that this work is never a sacrifice, only a blessing. 
Also, happy 23rd Birthday Karli :)! 
Also, another cool thing... I'm serving with Stephanie Meyers' son... so that's cool. 
And there's a family in this ward who plays "And It Came to Pass"... they just might be my new friends :)
Quote of the Week: "Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but on what happens inside of you; it is measured by the spirit with which you meet the problems in life." - Harold B. Lee
Scripture of the Week: Alma 37:47
Have a great week and keep looking for miracles! I promise you that they're there and God is watching out for you! I love you all! 
I'd love to hear from you all soon! My new address is 
1213 Grebe Ct.
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401

Sister Humphrey

Pictures: families from Harpers Ferry that I'm going to miss SO much! Keep in touch, because I love you all! Also, the picture of the brownish kitty... notice it only has 3 legs. And she's walking around like every other cat, so that's cool.