Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Power of Prayer

Another great week flying by! I don't have much time today, so bear with me. I'll be jumping around a bit. 
So, this week talked with a lady that's been hiking the Appalachian Trail that runs through Harpers Ferry for the last 4 1/2 months now: Life goal. I'm totally doing that one day. You in, Lu? Super cool. 
So, you know you're a missionary when you get excited over making cute planner covers and getting return appointments with random strangers and talking with as many people as possible. #IDon'tNeedaBoyfriend #IjustNeedaBaptism haha. And because of PRAYER and FASTING, WE HAVE TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! Yes! They're solid :) So solid. I'm so excited. They have so many questions and they're just awesome. Talk about a miracle. 
And a recent convert we've been working with, whom we love oh so much, told us that she loves having us over more than other missionaries because she feels like she actually learns something every time we meet with her. #JustDoingOurJob. It feels nice to know that our efforts are paying off. AND Sister Bench and I have set some pretty crazy goals for the month of September in prayer and faith. We are striving for 3 baptisms this month! And one baptismal invite each day, as well as 2 new investigators each week! SO FAR SO GOOD! The Lord is blessing us immensely. We have much to learn each day. 
Another highlight of the week. A recent convert family just had their youngest daughter's baptism last Saturday! They asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost and I think it went well... I mean, I haven't heard otherwise, so hopefully. She's so cute :) I got pictures! Such a great family! And we got to do a whole bunch of service fixing up this old home for a family in the ward (whose children I'm in love with. Seriously, they're my best friends). I wouldn't be surprised if, come the end of my mission, I find out that I'm on my mission for these kids here. For the youth. I mean, I'm sure there are other reasons and I'll likely never know all of them, but one of them is definitely for the youth. I love them. This next generation will have to face SO many challenges, and I commend all those parents out there who are trying their very best; those kids are special. 
Oh, so one of my investigators just got a brand new kitten.... I am IN LOVE with her! We named her Sarah and all we did during our lesson (aside from teach) was play with that kitten. She's adorable. Just love her. Yes, I took a picture. 
Last miracle for the week. MICHAELA! My best friend Michaela came to visit me at church this Sunday! She seriously made my day. And she's just amazing!  She's my favorite. Seriously, I love this missionary thing. It's such a privilege. In ways I just can't describe.
Quote of the week: "Fight all your battles on your knees and you will win every time."
Ha, so Sister Blanchard, a sister in my district, said this and I'm totally quoting her. If you are/were a missionary, you'll laugh at this. She said, "Do you ever just look around you and think 'these are my friends?'" HA, yes. These missionaries are my friends. I don't know how I should feel about that.
Other quotes from this week:
"Heavenly Father will guide us when we are on the journey." -Bishop
"I looked at the stars and despite all the advancements by men, scientists haven't been able to make a star. That's when I know there had to be a God." - The Ensign
"In order to stay active in the church after your mission, you have to look for the miracles in your life EVERY day!" - Bro. Miller
"Even if you're not willing to be there for Me, let me be there for you." -My impression from the Holy Ghost
"When you are afraid, the Lord will take you by the hand and lift you up." -Sis. Hoffman.
"Get out of the way and let the Lord take care of you." -Bro. Lassen
"Agency is God's Greatest gift to man." and that's what Satan is always trying to take away; that's what he continues to try to take on Earth today-that's why there are so many addictions and other problems. We can choose our actions, but we can't choose our consequences and some consequences take away our agency.
"Agency is the impelling [driving] source of the soul's progress. It is the purpose of the Lord that man become like Him. In order for man to achieve this, it was necessary for the Creator first to make him free." -David O. McKay

P.S. Another miracle I just found out about: We get to listen to Elder Quinton L. Cook this Saturday in Annapolis! I get to go to Annapolis and listen to an Apostle!!!! WOOT WOOT! 
So, the pictures; I got to stick my feet in the river (which is the backyard of some members' home. So totally not fair. It's my dream backyard. They go boating all the time.) and there's a pet pig that came and snotted on me. 
I love you all! I'd love to hear from you :) 

Sister Humphrey