Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, July 13, 2015

One month out! 17 more to go... Who's counting??

Whoa! I've been out on a mission for one month now! Is that crazy or what!? I feel like it hasn't been that long, but then again, it feels like I left my family and friends forever ago. I miss you all, but I know that this is where I'm supposed to be :) West Virginia is like my home now! I love it here! It rains almost every day, but it's also super warm, so I'm loving it.

So April, a member in my ward, recently returned from her mission and she told us a story in Gospel principles last Sunday. Her mission president's wife recently went back into remission from cancer after they finished their call as mission president and wife. While she was in the hospital she had a special visitor come see her. It was President Thomas S. Monson. COOL! She had this white board full of quotes in her room, and one of those quotes was "I can do hard things." He asked her if he could change one word in that quote. She said yes. He went over and erased "Can" so the quote now stated, "We do hard things" ISN"T THAT SO TRUE! We do hard things. And the Lord helps us through it.
Okay, so last week I had to write a short letter, so I'm starting with the group email this week and I'll get to the individual ones last. So a quick recap on last week:

I got to meet my new Mission president and his wife! They're amazing! I actually spent 5 hours with them last Wednesday while we were doing interviews. President likes to talk haha. Some hard things happened after that, and I finally cried for the first time on my mission, but it was all okay. We had to have a little funeral for a kitten and I sobbed, but it's okay now. Heavenly Father just needed me to feel sad for a little bit so I could experience more joy.

Last week I met one of the sweetest girls ever! She's a 20 year old in college here and she's interested in taking the lessons, but we have to work around her schooling and her two jobs, so that's interesting. But she's amazing. I want to be as nice as her someday.

I found out that I get to help out at Youth Conference here! It's this weekend and I'm stoked! It'll be like being at my own ward again! Ah, I miss my ward. But the people here are great and super nice :)

I have a new Investigator! Her name is Michaela, and she's 18 and awesome. Her mom has Congestive heart failure and they just found that out, so she's struggling with that, but we have been teaching her and she's accepting everything! We're going to invite her to be baptized at our next appointment! Yay! And we have another investigator who was a former, but he's engaged to a less-active member of our ward and their lives are pretty tough. He is out of work for some bulging discs in his back (sound familiar?) and they're struggling to get by, which is why they aren't married yet, but we told him that if he wants to be baptized, he had to be married, so they're setting a date within the next two months! Yay! 

Funny story, so we were checking up on two former investigators who lived together (a grandma and a granddaughter) and it's all the way up the "mountains" with dirt roads and creepy places haha. So, we got there and the grandma answers the door and practically shuts it in our faces because she recognized us as missionaries, so we quickly asked her if her granddaughter was home so we could talk to her. She wasn't home and we asked for a phone number, but she lied and said she didn't have it; so the grandson (the granddaughter's brother) told her not to be mean and she basically just left him to deal with us. So there's this 20 year old boy getting our numbers to give to his sister after he gave us her number. I honestly think he just pittied us, but it was funny. Sister Lawrence and I both walked away laughing. Some peoples' children.

So, I'm going to go off on a little rant about some stuff that happened this week. Some of the members in our ward feel like my companion and I are wasting time meeting with some of the people we're meeting with because they've been taught before and they just don't want to deal with them. First off, that frustrated me. So here's my rant:

Jesus Christ didn't die for nothing. He sunk down lower than we can even comprehend, so He could lift us up and help us change. The Atonement can help us and others change. Just have faith in Jesus Christ and those who are trying to change. Help them. Love them. People need someone to believe in them and their ability to change. Someone who can show them the hope and faith Jesus Christ can give them. If the Atonement isn't changing your life, if it isn't changing you, then it needs to be used more often. Jesus Christ didn't die for nothing. 

That's my spiritual thought/rant for the day. I wish more people understood that.

So, on another sad note, we had to help out at a funeral for a lady in our ward, so that was sad. Just a heads up (even though I don't plan on passing away anytime soon) no one is allowed to wear black at my funeral. NO ONE. People should throw glitter in celebration of my life. Okay? And people should only be allowed to cry if they're smiling :) That'll be in my will one day haha. 

Okay, last thing. I was meeting with a recent convert who's been going through a bunch of drama and tough times (who isn't nowadays?) and I got to meet her little 17 month old named Joss... guess who he's named after! Alexis? Do you know it? Joss Whedon (or however you spell his last name)! That made my day! For those of you who don't know who that is, look up firefly. Dad, that made me think of you :) She's awesome. 

I got to go shopping today, so that's cool. And last week we went Laser Tagging :) That's also fun.

Shout out to my adorable niece for being baptized on the Fourth of July!! And my little Nephew for his baby blessing on the same day! You're both awesome. I love you!

If any of you want to write me I'll post my address at the end of the email. I'd love to hear from you!

Well, that's all I have for this week. I love you all!  


Sister Humphrey

69 Monte Carlo Way,

Charles Town, West Virginia

25414 (I think that's the zip code, but I'm not positive anymore)

Mom’s addition: Yes that is the correct zip code. Also, for those of you that read her email directly, and are wondering if you were day dreaming when you read it, and think there is something different to this, you weren’t daydreaming. She asked me to add to this before I blogged it.

We love our missionary!!