Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, December 7, 2015

Miracles in Martinsburg Part 2

Another Miraculous week! 
On Tuesday we got to teach our investigator Tammy again. I ate deer meat at her house for the first time ever. So that's cool. Tammy flat out told us she knows the church is true... she just doesn't want to leave her church, so we're still working with her on that. I got to set up more Christmas trees this last week than I think I ever have in my entire life! I'm not complaining :) All that glitter makes me happy! And Sister Brown and I just bought our very own Christmas tree. Pictures will come next week ;) I got a handmade beaded Owl necklace (it's Hedwig from Harry Potter) from a famous lady in our ward :) I love her :) 
I got to meet three pet pigs on Wednesday. #OnlyInWestVirginia. A pile of kittens were huddled on the doorstep of a less-active member's home. The less-active member ran away from us, but I got to hold her kitties, so I wasn't upset at all :)
We had a New Missionary meeting for Sister Brown and I got to see Sister Bench again! That meeting was amazing :) 
So many miracles happened last Friday. Let me just start listing them for you:
Miracle #1 - We didn't have a dinner appointment, but we had an appointment with a Less-active we hadn't been able to meet with yet. Sister Gilbert felt inspired to ask her to feed us, even though she didn't know we already had an appointment set up. She said yes and dinner was AMAZING! 
Miracle #2 - I got to eat at Taco Bell with the Gilberts and Sister Bench and her companion! (I saw her twice this week! Crazy!)
Miracle #3 - We chose to eat at Wendy's one of the nights we didn't have a dinner appointment and a sweet member of our ward surprised us while we were standing in line! We got to sit down and eat dinner with her family!
Miracle #4 - We were visiting a sketchy area where a member lived, and I can't go into details, but the Lord answered our prayers! We got to see the member and we were asked to teach her nephew by her completely inactive brother, and the nephew agreed to meeting with us!
Miracle #5 - We actually taught the nephew, Chris, and he's now a new investigator!!! AND his inactive father totally helped us teach him! #NewInvestigator!
The cool thing about that whole situation was that I had a feeling during studies that day to put away what I was studying and study the Restoration. God told me we would be teaching it to someone that day, so I did. And it was true! The Spirit TOTALLY directs our planning! 
Yesterday we got to watch the Christmas Devotional! Perfect way to start off this Christmas season :)
And that's why this week is titled "Miracles in Martinsburg Part 2" because miracles just keep happening! 
Shout-out to my adoptive sister Leah! Happy 17th Birthday, you crazy girl!
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Never forget it :) I love you all and I can't wait to hear all of your miracles! 
Scripture of the week: Alma 7:7 (It's totally a Christmas scripture I read last week and didn't even realize it was a Christmas scripture the first few times I read it! So cool! )
Quote of the Week: "The things that matter most can endure both in time and eternity." - No idea.

P.S. We totally saw a guy mowing his perfectly green lawn yesterday... and it's December. I feel bad for all of you back in Utah with snow! Ha-ha. (Don't worry, that statement will catch up to me later in February when Maryland and West Virginia get hit with all the ice). 
P.S.S. Sister Brown and I bought matching skirts. Be jealous. 


Sister Humphrey