Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, June 20, 2016

"We're All in this Together"‏

So, my companion likes to sing High School Musical... it gets stuck in your head really easily. But the title actually works out quite well this week! I've had meetings upon meetings upon meetings this week, but God still blesses us as we work hard with the little time we have! We're all on His team and He always provides! 
Before I get started about this week, I'm going to catch y'all up on some things from last week that I forgot to put in my group email last week... like my quote and scripture of the week. Quote: "Don't you give up. Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead... it will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come." -Elder Holland. That's my favorite quote FYI. Scripture: Ether 12:4. We also get fed ice cream all the time in B'more, but never actual meals ha-ha. The people are funny. We also gave a homeless guy walking around B'more a bag full of peanuts while we were stopped at a light. Oh, and you have to be careful driving out here because the people seem to think that jaywalking isn't illegal here. And people will just come up to you while you're sitting at a light and clean your windows, and then expect payment. ha-ha. The city life is fun here. I've also eaten more Brazilian food, Slovenian food, and African food these last two weeks than my entire lifetime. The diversity here in the area is amazing. Sometimes, when I'm walking down Baltimore, I forget I'm white... and then I see another white person and I think, "Yo! You shouldn't be here! It's dangerous for people like you!" Then I remember what ethnicity I am... ha-ha. The city changes you. My driving skills are also getting much better. 
Enough of last week. This week was AMAZING! On Monday we had dinner with B.P. a cute old lady in the ward who just needs lots of love. We took her out teaching with us and she's like our lucky charm! We picked up two new investigators while we were with her and she was able to testify to them in a way that we couldn't. She's never been out teaching with the missionaries, but it was seriously the best thing for her. We'll definitely be doing that again. It just goes to show that the more you serve and testify of Christ, the happier you are! 
And then, on Tuesday, we were able to find two more new investigators while we were going to various appointments in Baltimore with a member. The member is actually from Utah and she was quite nervous driving around Baltimore... I think having the protection from the Lord as His servant just might be something my companion and I take for granted because we don't ever feel in danger. It's just another part of the Lord's vineyard for us, but to normal people, B'more is pretty sketch. I have seen a few drug deals in the last week, so I can understand their fear ha-ha, but I know I'm protected :) (And, we're not being dumb and going up to those people...). But the Lord blessed us with those few hours we were able to work Monday and Tuesday with Four new investigators (who are all GOLDEN) and four member present lessons. God is good!
On Wednesday we were able to have a Sisters Specialized Training! That was fun! We ate lots of food and had a few instructions and did some service! Sis. Bindrup and I got to instruct on how to access the Atonement daily as a missionary. That was super powerful, and we totally got the best topic to instruct on. So fun! Oh, and I got to be a part of a fashion show. Throwback to my high school days ha-ha. 
On Thursday we made cookies for weekly planning. There was supposed to be this huge storm on Friday, but we only got a little thunder. Lame. But we got to go to Applebee's with B.P again and she's seriously our good luck charm. We got to talking with a cute lady named Tiffany who had red, white, and blue hair ha-ha. She was totally interested in learning more so we got her info and are planning on visiting next week! 
On Friday we had Missionary Leadership Council again! That's always fun :) There's a big push on Spiritually Planning in the mission right now, and I've just gained such a testimony of it. It all starts with our planning throughout the day and then at night to receive that revelation for our investigators. That's how God can work through us. So we're trying to roll that out to the entire mission now. On Saturday we went to another meeting in the Inner Harbor zone (I'm serving in the Baltimore zone). The Harbor zone needs some help because there's two brand new zone leaders there, so it's a little difficult. And as a Sister Training Leader, Sis. Bindrup and I cover sisters in their zone as well as three OTHER zones, so it's a big area we cover. So we're working with the Harbor missionaries as well and just found out that we'll be instructing at their zone training next week as well as our own. That'll be interesting ha-ha. But it's been good. This is a super long email, so I'm going to start wrapping it all up. 
I got to see a Baltimore rat; they're huge. We served at Bishop's storehouse, which was fun! God blessed us with two MORE investigators on Saturday #6new'gators in one week! And Happy Father's day!! Sorry y'all, but I have the best dad in the world. Just sayin'. 
That was my week! God is good! I say it every week! It's just so true, I can't believe it! ;) 
Scripture of the Week: Moroni 9:25 and this scripture comes because of all the craziness going on in the world today. I found out about the shooting in Florida and we've heard about some other crazy stuff. I had finished reading the Book of Mormon again the day we found out about all this stuff and it reminded me of what I read in Moroni chapter 9. It's all very applicable to today, but verse 25 gave me the comfort I was looking for. I know this book was written for our time. Without a doubt. It's always there for us to learn, improve, and comfort. I love it :) 
Quote of the Week: "Every day of our lives... we are given opportunities to show love and kindness to those around us." -President Monson.
I love you all and hope you have a blessed week!
Happy Father's day to all your fathers out there and future fathers. 
Shout out to my niece Jac who just turned 9 last week! And to Sis. Larsen who is now 22! And to my dear friend Emilee! Happy birthday y'all! 

Sister Humphrey

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