Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Struggle is Real‏

So, I've been sitting here for, like, 5 minutes trying to figure out a creative subject line for my email this week. Nothing. So you get that. My mission brain is mush right now. This week has been interesting to say the least! On Monday we got to go out to Texas Roadhouse thanks to my bestie Lily! She's great. We ate like queens that night ha-ha. 
On Tuesday I got to give an instruction in District meeting. We are trying to teach more like the Savior and use stories and analogies and it’s made teaching so much more fun! I got to use a gymnastics analogy for the Plan of Salvation. Yup. I'm still me just as a sister missionary! We got to do some service for a lady in our ward who is struggling physically quite a bit. It was nice to be able to simply help someone who has done so much for us. Service is the best :) Lorely, an awesome young adult in our ward also made us dinner on Tuesday :) Authentic Mexican food. It's the best! She said we were the first sisters she's ever fed. I feel super special ha-ha. She's hilarious and her little boy Paco never fails to make us laugh. Paco loves to eat dog food. He threw a big fit when Lorely told him he couldn't have any more lol. She thinks it's disgusting, which is true. It reminded me of that one time my little sister ate dog food... sorry Lu, couldn't keep that one secret! 
There's also been lots and lots of thunder and lightning storms this week. It's so hot and humid so they've been happening at night. I'll be leaning up against my wall and it feels like I'm getting a back massage because the thunder is so strong! It's been fun driving through some of those lightning storms :) One Wednesday, Sister Hokafonu got her gold teeth removed! She got to keep her gold and didn't have any bad reactions to medicine this time, so that was a blessing. We got to teach Tearra the first half of the plan of salvation with Sandra and she loved it! She also announced to us that she's 4 weeks pregnant! She's super excited to be a mom! We just hope her boyfriend will put a ring on it soon! Her progress is going really well, though. She just has to come to church two more times, get married, and then she can get baptized! We also found a new investigator named Connie this week! She was sitting outside on her porch waiting for us to stop by and deliver a bible. We gave her a Book of Mormon as well and taught her more about it. She loved the idea of having more scripture and said she'd like to learn more! So, we'll be going back this week to teach her the Restoration. Hopefully she gives us enough time to talk. She's a talker ha-ha. 
We also had dinner with a new family in the ward. The Wood family. They are seriously an answer to prayers. We've been praying for a family to help us in missionary work in the ward and then they come and within two weeks they already invited us over for dinner. They said they bought a mini-van (even though they only have 2 kids) specifically so they could pick people up in Baltimore and take them to church. Who does that? I LOVE them! Oh, and I met another stray kitty. I named him Bob Lynn this time. Shout out to daddy! He just really needed some love ha-ha. Pictures will be attached ;) 
We found a couple other people to teach this week as well as Connie! A mom named Gina stopped the elders on the street and wanted to learn more, so we met with her and she has two kids and she wants to take her entire family to church! She just got out of an abusive relationship (her boyfriend was just killed... sadly, that's a common thing here), and she's looking towards God. She's super great and has soooo many questions! We also started teaching a lady we met yesterday named Jaunae. She was a former investigator of two years ago and we randomly knocked on her door. She said she felt like God had sent us to her because it was perfect timing and she'd been feeling like she needed to go back to church! YES! I love spiritually planning! God definitely puts us where we need to be when we need to be there :)
Other fun events from the week include mowing a lawn for over an hour and a half in 100+ degree weather, receiving revelation at Missionary Leadership Council (seriously, I love that meeting. I learned so much about righteous suffering and the Atonement. It's because of the Atonement that God can soften hearts. There's a power in righteous suffering that I can't explain. I've felt it, but I can't explain it. And the more you get to KNOW your Savior, the more you can feel that power and that's what leads you to have "no more disposition to do evil" like it states in the scriptures. So Cool! I just want everyone to feel that power!); we hit up tag alley last Monday and I have pictures to follow. I was asked to play my flute on the 17th when an Apostle comes to visit our mission... so I'll be practicing that quite a bit! We got to talk to a cute old lady named Grace (I think I mentioned her a few weeks ago... she's the one that kept saying, "you're so beautiful! You look 16!" yup, she still said that when we visited again...) and her two granddaughters were there! They all said they wanted to visit our church and see if they like it! Hopefully you'll be hearing about them again soon :) 
On Sunday we got to teach the youth Sunday school class because the teacher didn't show up... so we talked about preparing for missions! And one of the elder's investigators, a 13 year old girl who came with the rest of her family, was there and she wanted to learn all about how she could be a missionary one day! Boo yah! I love hearing that! 
That was another week in the life of Sister Humphrey! Hope you were entertained enough. Between getting caught in rainstorms and making a fool of myself in public, my life could be made into a comedy. It's pretty great. I have one more week this transfer and will be finding out Sunday if I will be getting transferred or not. I hope I get to stay in Baltimore another transfer, but we'll just have to wait and see! I LOVE IT HERE! Just saying. I hope you all have a great week! Keep praying for those missionary opportunities! They're out there! Members make the best missionaries :) I love you all! 
Quote of the Week: "The work of our missionaries is a magnificent expression of the Lord's redeeming love." -Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Scripture of the Week: Alma 56:45-48


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