Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, June 13, 2016

Good Morning BALTIMORE 6/6/16

I have been waiting my entire mission to use that as my subject line. And now I get to :) So, we got the news yesterday that I'll be getting transferred to Baltimore!! I'm just a little excited. I'll be in the Chesapeake ward and I'll be able to go on exchanges with all the Sisters in Baltimore. I'm stoked. It's going to be a blast. We're going to make work happen and see many miracles :) My new companion is Sister Bindrup and she's hilarious. I'm so excited. It'll be her last transfer, so it's likely I'll get to spend at least two transfers in Chesapeake! Woot woot! Oh, and another fun fact, anyone remember Sister Nakata? The sister I went on exchanges with who started her mission in Odenton? So, she's coming BACK to Odenton to finish her mission!!! What?! That's, like, my dream! I pray I get to go back to Harpers Ferry one day. Oh, she's going to see so many miracles :) it's great. 
So, for the rest of the week, we got to have Zone Training. Sister Suda and I instructed on how to be guides as missionaries rather than "sheep herders" (Don't ask me, our Zone leaders gave us the topic). SO that was fun. I was able to relate missionary work back to being a coach and an athlete and that's the best :)  
On Wednesday I saw my first FIREFLY of the year!! Just one, but I flipped out! I can't wait to see more. I love those little creatures. Utah seriously needs them. They just make working in the evening that much better :) We also got to meet with Amethyst many times this last week. Oh, she's just awesome. And... SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! She had her interview with President on Friday and the devil worked really hard to make it not happen, and he's still working really hard on her, so please pray for her. But God is stronger and He made it all happen and she's getting baptized :) And I already got permission from President to go, so I'm stoked :) I just can't wait. She's truly one of those people I KNOW I had to meet. And I'm so grateful that I did. She's going to be a great missionary one day. I can't wait :) 
We also got to celebrate one of Theresa's daughter's birthday with her! She's 7 years old now and they waited for us to come before they sang and cut the cake :) I love that family. I'm truly going to miss them. But Theresa is trying so hard to get to where she knows she needs to be. She's truly changing and I know that Sister Nakata is going to make such an impact on her coming back. Sis. Nakata was the first sister to start teaching her, and I know Theresa will be getting baptized this next transfer. So, I'll definitely be coming back to Odenton for that :) So, another fun fact I found out this week. President and Sister Christiansen had a daughter serve in Jamaica a couple years ago. After talking with their daughter, I found out that she served with my cousin Matt Wilcox in Jamaica! Small world, right? 
So, that's been my week. Pretty fun and exciting! Here's to my first week in Baltimore! I love you all and I pray for you daily. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ truly has been restored and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly HIS church. I know it. And there is so much peace because of it. Life can get hard. It's often times frustrating. But God has a plan. He's in charge. He knows what you need to learn and what you need to experience to become the best person you can be. Let Him guide your life and you will always be in Good Hands. I love Him. I love my Savior. And I'm eternally grateful for this opportunity I have to serve His children, my brothers and sisters. I love this work. There is nothing like it. God is changing hearts and lives. And I get to witness it. I promise this work is happening all around you. Keep looking for His miracles. I love you all!
Scripture of the Week: Moroni 7:41
Quote of the Week: "Each day is a day of decision and our decisions determine our destiny." Russell M. Nelson I want to comment on that quote briefly. I never truly realized how impactful my decisions were until I came out here and realized that it's my decisions, led by the Spirit, which could also change another person's destiny. When life gets hard and you don't know what to do, I'd invite you to look at the bigger picture. Look at the eternal scheme of things. Because this life isn't the end, our decisions don't just affect this life. Do what you need to do to ensure a celestial destiny because that's truly the happiest thing you could ever do.


Sister Humphrey

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