Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, November 30, 2015

Miracles in Martinsburg

So, technically my big miracle this week was in Harpers Ferry, not Martinsburg, but Miracles in Martinsburg sounds so much better than Miracles in the Ferry. But I'll get to that later :) 
This week I got to go on exchanges in Hagerstown again. It's been my third time there! Just wait, I'm going to serve there one day. I got to be with Sister Blanchard, who was in my District in Harpers Ferry and she's AWESOME! I love her :) And Sister Brown stayed in Martinsburg! She worked so hard and, seriously, as soon as I came back, she had so much strength and determination to be brave! She was trying new things without me telling her to and she was taking the initiative to do things. Oh, it's so good :) She's really progressing, and I love it! I love her! And I got to eat at Krumpy's Do-nuts in Hagerstown, which is the most famous donut place ever, so that was cool. 
A cute non-member family invited us in this week just to talk. Such a cute family. The little four year old girl kept grabbing my hand and asking me to play with her while I was talking with her parents, ha-ha. She was adorable :) And she had a little kitten, which made their home that much better. Hopefully one day I'll get to teach them :) 
Another one of those "I can feel God's love for you" moments happened again this week as we met with a less-active sister. She is trying SO HARD to come back to church and she really opened up about how each time she tries, she gets shot down by so many different things. BUT she just keeps trying. And she was really hurt in the past, but she's now turning to her scriptures and finding comfort there. Oh my goodness, I could feel God's love for her SO STRONGLY! I testified to her that He loves her. I simply knew He did. And that was all she needed to hear. And she came to church on Sunday :) And she stayed all three hours. And she loved it :) That's what the Spirit can do. When you feel God's love and know he's there, no matter what you've done or where you've been, nothing can stop you from following Him. When you have Him on your side, you CANNOT lose.  One of my favorite quotes, "You were not put on this earth to fail, but to succeed gloriously." (Name that general authority!) It’s so true! God is here with us and He does not want us to fail! He will not let us fail as long as we turn to Him. As long as we try. I have a testimony of trying. Of working hard and never giving up. I know God will be there for us if we just TRY. That's all we have to do. And He will do the rest :) I love this Gospel :) SO MUCH! And I love this Holiday season! 
For Thanksgiving this last week, we were blessed with two Thanksgiving meals, and these amazing members made me my very own desserts without cinnamon :) My own cinnamon-free pumpkin pie and candied yams. Because they wanted me to enjoy it just as much as they did :) They're awesome. And in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I found that I have SO much to be Thankful for. For my life, and my family. For my experience and many other things. The list could go on. But this year, right now, I'm thankful for a Prophet on the earth. God loves us SO much so He gave us a prophet to guide us in this trying and troubled world. It's tough sometimes, all the time, actually, but because we have a prophet, we can know that God will never leave us. We know what we need to do, and I'm so grateful for that. For the Restoration of the Gospel and all that came with it. I love my God. I love my Savior. And I know my God is your God and my Savior is your Savior. I know it with all my heart, and that is my testimony to you. 
On a fun note, I got to play Turkey Bowl with some members and missionaries! I sent a picture of that earlier :) I even scored a touch-down, of which I'm pretty proud of ha-ha. It was awesome :) I also got to meet a cute green parrot that loved me, but squawked like crazy with Sister Brown ha-ha. I must be the animal whisperer. But he was cute. And Brother Chazell, a member in our ward, spoke on Keeping the Sabbath day holy in church on Sunday, which was a blast, because we had a huge discussion on it the day before during dinner. We talked and talked and he totally called me out in the middle of his talk. He said from the pulpit that I was going to come up and bear my testimony (no, I wasn't), but we ran out of time ha-ha. Good thing, too! He's a funny guy! #GoUtes! 
So, lastly, my miracle :) JEN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! I got to go to Harpers Ferry yesterday and witness my previous investigator and dear friend, Jen enter into the covenant of baptism :) I saw Sister Bench and a few others from Harpers Ferry that I've missed dearly. It was such an amazing day and I was so blessed to be there. I got to speak on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and my talk didn't go anything like it was planned, but I still think it was good :) And..... DAVE baptized her! So, if you don't remember Dave, he was my first (unofficial) baptism while I was serving in Harpers Ferry. He's only been a member for about a month, but he received the priesthood and got to baptize Jen :) I'm so proud of him! It was such an amazing week. Seriously. We are still trying to find more people to teach, but I'm so blessed to be a part of this work. I'm so happy right now and my heart is full. Thank you all so much for all you do for me. I can feel your prayers and your strength. I love you all so much, and I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! And I encourage you all to build on that testimony you already have. Stay strong. Follow the Prophet. And have a great week :) So long November! Next step: December :)
I love you all :) 
P.S. in the pictures attached, you'll see that we got a whole bunch of clothes... some of them are now my new favorites ha-ha. Feel free to laugh ;) And we put up Christmas lights :)
Quote of the Week: “Faith and Fear cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time." - Neil L. Anderson
Scripture of the Week: Alma 13:29 

Turkey Bowl 2015 with some of the Martinsburg Stake! I scored a touchdown!!! Woot Woot! 


Sister Humphrey