Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Decided to Say Hi

It's cold. And I don't like it. But on a positive note, there's no snow yet, and I got funny pictures! So, that's a plus. 
It also just happened to be my 7 month mark yesterday. Weird. I ate a whole bunch of ice cream drumsticks in celebration! Oh, and, Alexis, I asked for them for a family home evening treat we taught last Monday... it's tradition ;) 
So, for the first week of the year, we picked up a new investigator! Linda requested that we meet with here! She's been attending church in Winchester with her boyfriend who works at the temple. They're planning on getting married and she already told us she wanted to be baptized! Golden! I'm super excited for her and the opportunity I have to teach her :) She's a cute grandma-like woman! 
Sissy, the 12 year old we are going to try to teach, has been reading the Book of Mormon before going to bed! She doesn't understand it, but she's reading it! And her Grandma told us why she doesn't come to church anymore. Long story, but basically forgiveness and love will solve the problem (just like it'd solve most problems). Hopefully we'll see her at church next week :) 
The highlight of this week was having interviews with President! He's awesome. I think we spent 90% of the interview talking about deep doctrine stuff and 10% talking about the area, ha-ha. I don't mind. He's awesome and he always knows what to say! I told him he didn't have to make me shotgun-train (which means going into an area with two new missionaries in the area, and one of those missionaries being brand new to the mission) anymore, though; I learned what I needed to learn ha-ha. Hopefully he'll agree with that statement. Training isn't the hard part. I love Sister Brown. But shot gunning is definitely something I never want to do again. I did get to be alone for the first time in forever, though. President gave me permission to just sit in the chapel and read my Book of Mormon and it was just awesome :) 
We saw many miracles about being in the right place at the right time this week, and inspired planning. One example: we were going to meet with a family, but they were about 10 minutes away from home, so we had enough time to walk around the area. Just across their street, a man was working on his car and we asked him if he knew anyone who'd like to learn more about Jesus Christ (which is a non-threatening way to start talking with people), and he just responded with, "Well, I would!" And we were able to talk to him about teaching his family! We'll be going back this week to teach him the Restoration and he seemed so excited! Even though the weeks can be tough sometimes, and it doesn't always seem to work out, The Lord is always watching out for us and preparing people for the message of the Restoration! Another example: we knocked on a door we thought was a member's (because that's his address), but it turned out to be this 24 year old's home and she welcomed us in, talked with us, and said we could come back to teach her about our church anytime! She's been looking for a new church for the last year and it was just perfect timing! So perfect. We'll also try to be teaching her this next week. The truth is mission life is hard, but it's so worth it! Even on the bad days.
So, for the rest of the week, we got to help out at a high school photo-shoot, which brought back lots of photo-shoot memories. Sister Brown tried the Whipped Cream challenge (where you try to flip a blob of whipped cream from your wrist into your mouth by hitting your arm)... and she failed. I got to hold pet rats and one of them peed on me. Men were walking around with no shirts on in 20 degree weather. I learned how to play the saxophone. Met a high security body guard. And drank more peanut butter hot chocolate. 
It was a good start to the year! I love you all and hope you have a great week! I'll be praying for you! 
Shout-out to my Grandma! Happy 86th birthday this Thursday! <3 you!
Shout-out to my friend Ken! Congrats on receiving your endowments! The Temple is the best!

Scripture of the Week: 2 Nephi 2:28
Quote of the Week: "The future is as bright as your faith." -President Monson

Sister Humphrey

P.S. my camera ran out of space this week, so you only get a picture with me and a kitty... and a couple from Sister Brown.