Mission Call

Mission Call

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Heart is Breaking...

So, this might sound like a depressing email... but I promise everything is okay! So, I'll just explain why my heart is breaking because I don't have a lot of time. So, this Thursday we were coming home from an appointment when we get a text from President. He told us, and the rest of the mission, that because of the growth of the church in Pennsylvania (which is a good thing) our mission boundaries would be changing. The Annapolis stake (the last stake I was JUST serving in) will now be going to the D.C. North mission, including all the missionaries who are currently serving there. Which means my favorite Sister Brown in the whole entire world is leaving to the D.C. North mission. I cried. All day. She literally changed my mission and I just hate having to say goodbye. And I likely won't be allowed to go back for the 7 baptisms in July of people that I first started teaching... So, that's all I'm going to say about that. Good thing the Atonement heals broken hearts, because I need some healing right now. Luckily I got to say goodbye to her today. Pictures will follow. With this change, we'll also be gaining two stakes from the Pennsylvania mission, Lancaster and Chambers. And all of their missionaries. This is effective July 1st. So, it's going to be a huge change for the mission. I'm sure those missionaries having to come in are probably struggling with the idea of it all, but, let's be real, the MBM is the best mission in the world. SO, there will have to be a lot of unifying in the next few weeks. Please pray for the mission. We don't want the Lord's work to stop at all for any reason. My bet is my next companion will be from the Pennsylvania mission. We'll see. It's all in the Lord's plan, though, so that gives me a lot of comfort. It's been hard coming to terms with it all, but we truly just have had to put our trust in God. We know it'll all work out because this is all His work. Not ours. And that brings a lot of hope. 
So, that's pretty much been our week. We weren't able to physically meet with most of our investigators this week, but we picked up a few former investigators, including a family! They're all super prepared! Now all we have to do is get them to church! They all want to be baptized, but they've gotta make some changes and get rides on Sunday, so it'll be interesting. The work is going really well, though! 
I also got to go on exchanges with the Almeda Hermanas, which means I got to reunite with my MTC companion Sister Hart!!! Oh, that was a blast! We got caught in a horrible rainstorm in downtown Baltimore and we just had a blast. I love her! It's been so cool to see the change in both of us a year later. She's the greatest. I look up to her so much! So that was fun! #EternalFriends
I got to check out Mentalhealth.lds.org and check out the new Mormon message Like a Broken Vessel based off of my favorite talk EVER. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! Oh, I am in love with it. If you want to gain some perspective and get some help with any circumstance that you are in need of help in, check it out. All of you. Because this video is just perfect. It's been pretty cool watching some of these videos and thinking, "Yes. This is how it feels. This is what it's like." And seeing how people were able to recover and find hope. When I say I found hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, this is what I mean. I found hope. And so can you. I love it. I know God is aware of His children and I'm so glad we have these resources now. There's hope. There's always hope. 
This email has a lot of mixed emotions. Just know that I know everything happens in the Lord's plan. I'm going to miss those missionaries and the Annapolis stake and all of those people who are getting baptized/have been baptized, but I know it's all going to work out. I know God is aware. And I'm excited to see what these new missionaries have to bring in! Maybe this is how we will be able to accomplish the revelation President received when he first became our mission President. We can double the baptisms in the mission. And I can't wait to see that day!
I love you all! Stay strong and Smile on.
P.S. Here's some pictures of tag alley (the only alley in B'more that it's legal to tag. It's super sketchy, but so fun) and friends and a really long needle that went into my back a couple of times... 
Scripture of the Week: Jeremiah 16:16 I am a HUNTER!
Quote of the Week: "Our Heavenly Father did not put us here to fail, but to succeed gloriously." - Elder Richard G. Scott
I'm attaching more pictures in a separate email


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