Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, March 28, 2016

All Because of Two Girls on Bikes

I love how the Lord works in our lives. He is literally in the very details of our lives. Not a second goes by that He doesn't watch over us. It's the best thing ever. And I feel Him ever so present as I serve Him. This work truly never ends.
On Tuesday, we got to go to Missionary Leadership Council with all the other leaders in the mission :) I love MLC :) It's so fun! We got to hear from Elder Carlson, emeritus Member of the 70. He's a funny man. He was a 4 star general and many of his tips and advice came from that ha-ha. I guess fear tactics don't really help people get baptized, though. Darn. But we had a HUGE emphasis on the Book of Mormon during our meeting, which was great because I'd been getting the impression to focus more on the Book of Mormon in my teaching! I love how the Spirit works! There is power in those pages. The power of God. All you have to do is read it to access that power. AND, to top it all off, our investigator Lynda started reading the Book of Mormon! Between our last teaching visit, she read the entire beginning (all the testimonies) of the Book of Mormon through 1 Nephi 5. That's, like, 18 pages. AND the statistic for investigators who get baptized more than doubles if they read more ~10 pages in the Book of Mormon! It's so great :) I love meeting with Lynda. She's hilarious, too! 
We also got to do a lot of service this week. One of my favorite families in this ward, the O'Connells, are moving to Washington on April 3rd, so we've been helping them pack up. They're cool people :) And we helped paint a member's home this week (I LOVE PAINTING!). She told us that her husband had been excommunicated YEARS ago, and, guess what!? He's getting re-baptized today! YAY! Miracles do happen! I love hearing stories like that. Because it really does happen. There is hope and there is happiness and I love it when people find that, whether for the first time or not. 
We're also teaching this woman named Suzie. She is an alcoholic, but we met with her about a month ago and started talking with her about prophets. Her brain just goes and goes. She's been thinking about Christ and the Church ever since. And, guess what? She hasn't had a drink in a month! That's what the gospel can do! We're continuing to teach her and she's changing SO fast! I love it :) 
Oh, and in case you didn't get the memo, yesterday was EASTER! We got to celebrate Christ with the rest of the world! We had a great church meeting. And a really sweet family fed us dinner. And it was all about the Savior. He really did rise again. I know it. I don't have to see Him to know that He lives. He lives for me. He lives for YOU. He lives. And because He lives, there is hope. There is happiness. There is purpose to our lives. And that purpose is great.
I hope all you girls and women and young women had a chance to watch the General Women's Broadcast last Saturday! Wasn't it amazing? What were some of your favorite parts? I love the emphasis on service. Because, truly, serving others is how to find your happiness. That's my takeaway this week. When you think about yourself, you're not as happy! That's just fact. So, I loved it :) Everything you do to your fellowmen is done unto your Savior. Everything. So watch was you do to your neighbors, your family, and your friends. Because He felt it as well. And He knows us, just like He knows them. I love my Savior. I love that we get to hear from our Prophet and the Apostles this weekend testify of our Savior. Listen. Have questions. You will find your answers! I promise you.
Make this week different. Serve someone you normally wouldn't. Help someone in need. Think of those around you and try to make their lives happier. In that process, you will be happier.
I love you all. Don't forget to smile. :) 
Scripture of the Week: D&C 1:38
Quote of the Week: "My mission belongs to the Lord. With all my heart I give my energy and my time to the Master because I love Him. Therefore, I'm going to look at every day not as mine, but as His. And I will treat each minute of His time with respect and focus and the dedication that it deserves." -Elder M. Russell Ballard

Sorry, no pictures this week. Camera died :( 


Sister Humphrey