Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, September 21, 2015

100 Days Serving the Lord

I'M STAYING IN HARPERS FERRY ANOTHER TRANSFER!!! We got call-outs yesterday and we found out that both Sister Bench and I get to stay! Such an answer to prayers! So, my address will stay the same! Please write! I miss getting mail! 
69 Monte Carlo Way
Charles Town, WV 25414

Okay, let's get down to business (and defeat the Huns)! If you didn't get that reference, go watch Mulan. You've been deprived. This week was AWESOME! We set so many goals in faith that the Lord would help us accomplish them, and He did! Exactly! Those miracles will come later, though.
Last Tuesday we had an awesome zone training and had great instruction about increasing our faith in Jesus Christ. FAITH OVER FEAR! So awesome. We had multiple lessons on the street this week, which was awesome. None of them wanted to meet with us again, but we did get to meet lots of people and build their faith in Jesus Christ! 
Miracle! So, a less-active in the ward, who we've been working with, introduced her friend to the Gospel! She's been bringing her to church for the last two weeks and giving her all the pamphlets that we teach the lessons from. She's loved them all and she's been reading in D&C! She LOVES D&C! And, she keeps saying it's time for her to change and she's just loving this Gospel. Seriously. She said this has made her happier than Alcohol and other substances have ever been able to do. And this happiness is LASTING! SO AMAZING! She's definitely been a testimony builder to me. The Lord truly is preparing people to hear this message. We're hopefully going to start teaching her soon, but she's struggling with Word of Wisdom problems and doesn't want to make promises she can't keep. Once she understands the Atonement, I just know all of her worries and doubts and fears will fade. What a blessing. Her daughter who is 28 has also been investigating with her mother and she had asked us about the three degrees of glory that we teach in the Plan of Salvation. When we told her about our liberal knowledge of heaven and how we are judged by the desires of our hearts as well as our actions, her face lit up brighter than I'd ever seen from anyone. She was so happy to hear that SHE could live with her Heavenly Father again. She was able to recognize the Spirit testifying to her of this Truth. She felt it and she knew it. It's been amazing to see how much this Gospel changes people and can help people! Its knowledge that I've had my entire life and people in the world today, way too many of them, don't know about it! They don't know about the blessings of the Atonement and they don't know that they can have lasting happiness NOW. Not just in Heaven. We have such a responsibility to share that. Not just the missionaries. You do. Each and every one of you. Because you have this knowledge and you know how happy it is. You have that responsibility. And the best part is, Heavenly Father always prepares a way for you to share. Read 1 Nephi 3:7. Go and Do and He will provide the way. And you'll be able to reap those blessings and see people truly change! Oh my gosh, isn't Heavenly Father's plan perfect!? It sure is :)
So, that's pretty awesome. We also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE THIS WEEK! So, that might not seem like a lot, but people are never outside in Harpers Ferry so it's difficult to meet people. We've been discouraged from knocking doors because too many people think we're Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we don't really do that, BUT Heavenly Father placed 100 people in our path this week and that's the most I've ever gotten on my mission! Especially being in the wide open fields of West Virginia, it was such a blessing! AND we set the goal of reaching 10 Social Media Splits this last Saturday and let's just say, Sister Bench and I blew up social media! Heavenly Father provided 10 people, though they weren't the people we had planned on. So, everyone go search #Baltimoremission and #socialmediasplit and you'll find us at least 10 times! So FUN! 
Funny quote of the week:
Little boy from my favorite family the H's "I have missionaries for friends, so I don't need you." Said to a playground friend who told him she didn't want to be friends anymore. Haha, glad we can be his friends and that's enough :)
Inspiring quote of the week: "The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you." 
Also, I hit my 100 day mark as a missionary! I've been serving for over 100 days now, and I've got the privilege of having so many more to come! 

Sister Humphrey