Mission Call

Mission Call

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Luckily, no clowns attacked us yesterday. We were all safe and sound. And I got to carve a kitty pumpkin... some might say I'm a little obsessed... But it's adorable :) We also got to go to the Baltimore National Aquarium, thanks to an amazing member who got us free tickets! SO FUN! We got to pet jellyfish and stingrays and watch a dolphin show! So fun :) 
This week we got to take Latear out teaching with us! She bore such great testimony to our investigator Nikita! It seems like Nikita got some anti material and that makes it difficult to teach because she's now just confused about what she's been told and what the Spirit is telling her, but Latear was able to help her just by bearing testimony :) It truly was great. And Nikita still believes the Book of Mormon is true because she prayed about it and got a pretty distinct answer :)
I had my last zone training this last week and I'll be having my last zone conference this week. I know I say it all the time, but time is flying! A few missionaries and I will be giving a musical number at zone conference and a bigger group of us gets to sing during Stake Conference this Sunday. Lots of musical practice will be going on this week! I feel like it's a throwback to high school choir!
We got a whole bunch of HQ referrals passed over to us this week and we've been able to contact a couple of them! One of them is named Erica and she was so excited to have us over to deliver a bible and a Book of Mormon! We'll be teaching her more soon, but she's only 33 years old and definitely needs the Atonement in her life. So pumped to teach her! Sis. Hale also picked up cat poop all over this Less actives floor we were doing service for... she asked us to clean her apartment, so we were and it was super dark... and they looked like piles of acorns all over the floor (don't ask... they just did,) so Sis. Hale starts picking them up... then we realized what they were. Icky. But we did some serious cleaning and now it's all nice in there :) Anything for the saints, right? 
We also got to teach little Antonio the Restoration again while reading the Children's Book of Mormon with him :) He's so funny. He wanted to get baptized on Halloween! You gotta come to church 2 more times, kid! He's great, though!
Our exchanges cancelled this week because one of the sisters was sick, so we'll be doing 2 exchanges next week! 
Little lesson learned again this week: ice cream fixed everything. Who would've thought going home would be stressful?? I didn't. But it is. But Ice cream works :) Just in case you were wondering. 
We also got to teach Kathy this week more of the restoration. She's having a hard time remembering what we teach her, but her intent is there, so we're still working with her. Hopefully she'll start to progress soon! 
Also, don't go into dollar general with a girl who needs to color her hair again... you'll walk out with a box of coloring supplies for yourself as well. Peer pressure at it's finest. So, Sis. Hale and I had a hairstyling night after planning and we did each other's hair! More like, she did her own hair and then she did mine as well because I'm far from talented in that area. I now have dark hair again. Surprise! Don't hate me, Mom... ha-ha. It was only $8 :) 
Rhonda, Latear's cousin, also came to the church's Halloween party this week! Woot woot! Latear couldn't make it, but Rhonda loved it and so did her 11 year old daughter :) Latear said she'd also be bringing her sister and niece to church with her next week because they both want to be baptized! LOOK AT THAT! That's the power of the Spirit at baptisms :) SO AMAZING! Latear is just on fire right now. I love these people so much :) I just... ah. I'm in heaven here :) This work is really just the best thing. And I know that everyone can feel this way! This feeling isn't excluded to "missionaries only" but God gives it to those who truly live His gospel the best they can. Thankfully, He doesn't expect us to be perfect first. Just to keep trying. That's the beauty of the Gospel :) 
Some more funny side-notes: Sis. Hale and I wore the same outfit for the Halloween party at the church and we forgot we'd be proselyting in it earlier in the day... many people asked us if we were twins lol. It was a good conversation-starter! #twinningiswinning! 
We also pranked the Elders by telling them we dropped off cookies, but waiting a day to actually drop them off, so they thought someone stole them, drugged them, and gave them back. Silly elders. Tricks are for kids! 
That's pretty much my week! It's just a party here in Baltimore! Everything is just working out and I just know God is in charge, even when things don't always seem to work out. He is watching out and He is taking care of it all. I have to keep reminding myself not to stress out about the simple things and the preparations for home, but I do it anyway, then God shows me His hand in it all and I feel like I need to just slap myself ha-ha. I'm a stresser and that's one of my weaknesses, but as my faith has increased, I've noticed my stress has decreased. And that is such a great blessing. 
So keep the faith. Keep on keepin' on because He's got you. God's got you! How great is that!? Know that you're loved! And have a fantastic week :) XOXO
Scripture of the Week: Alma 29:1-3
Quote of the Week: "God loves you perfectly, deeply, and everlastingly."
Sister Humphrey
Sis. Hale's hair. Before and after picture of my hair. 

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