Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, October 24, 2016

Thuggin' It in Baltimore

Sister Hale and I tagged for our first time ever. Don't worry, it was legal. We tagged Tag Alley! So, we're pretty much straight Baltimoreans and thuggin' it all the time. 
We also got to do lots of service this week moving people in and out of houses and power washing a homeless shelter! I love service. Seriously. We just meet so many amazing people. 
We got to meet with Sandra again this week! She has a new caregiver that she's sharing the gospel with already!! So great :) 
We also had my last Missionary Leadership Council... or so I thought. Then I got the amazing surprise that we'll likely have another extended MLC before I come home!! YAY! I was LOVING that idea :) Leadership was great as always. It's so amazing to see the Lord hastening His work in His time and, boy is it hastening!! Oh, and some sisters wrote this novel about the Maryland Baltimore Mission Hunger Games! SO awesome. These sisters have talent! 
We had another great lesson with Kathy! It was straight outta PMG! We're really working on going back to the basics and simply teaching the way PMG (Preach My Gospel) instructs and it's so amazing! We've had 3 lessons that were exactly how PMG instructs us to teach and they were still completely by the Spirit and now all three of those souls are keeping commitments and working towards baptism! One of those souls is a new investigator named Damilola. She's from Nigeria and just moved here about 7 years ago. She's working on becoming a nurse and she requested a Bible online while looking at a bible app on her phone. We came over with a bible and Book of Mormon and were able to teach her right there of the message of the Restoration and she LOVED it! Everything made sense to her and she's planning on coming to church next week :) She's seriously so solid. 
We also had a fantastic miracle Saturday and yesterday! We hadn't been getting fed very much since I've been here. It's just not the feeding kind of ward. And that's okay. Except by the end of the month our money for food is all gone and you just have to pray that people feed you. SO, we were over at our humble investigators' home on Saturday and we got to teach her an amazing lesson about the restoration of the gospel as well. Near the end of our lesson, the food she was making for her family was all done. She didn't have much, but she insisted on giving us some of what she had. We had our first dinner of the week that night (except for Lily. She's awesome and took us to PF Chang's (: ). Then, yesterday, we didn't have any food in our apartment and then we had two members invite us to their home (both were moving) and literally gave us all their food storage and anything they couldn't take with them on the move. Food might not seem like a big miracle, but for us, it was amazing. I will definitely be eating good this week :) 
So, this week was great :) We had a lot of fun adventures jumping on beds, working out after planning and tagging tag alley. Life as a missionary is the best :) I have a million pictures, so enjoy!! 
Quote of the Week: The gospel, to me, is simply irresistible." - Blaise Pascal
Scripture of the Week: Isaiah 41:10
Sister Humphrey

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