Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, May 16, 2016


God is Good. That's basically my life right now. He's always good. But He's being extra special nice right now. 
We got to go on exchanges with the Fort Meade Sisters and I was lucky enough to have Sister Brown with me in Odenton! Oh, she and I have the best adventures! We got hit on by 3 men smoking weed... found some anti-Mormon material, took it (it was for the greater good; like how Nephi had to kill King Laban to save generations), and shred it (a member of the bishopric approved). Umm... we did our best to stay out of a street fight (we succeeded in avoiding it by hiding). We went dumpster-diving for Sister Suda's name tag (and found it). And we put two of Theresa's kids ON DATE for baptism on June 4th with their mom!!!! YAY! So, Theresa, Olivia and Destini (the two daughters) are all now on date for June 4th and they all came to church yesterday! Woot woot! That's what's up. Sister Brown is a miracle worker :) Adventure just follows her. 
I learned that an easy way to get a crazy household quiet is to recite the First Vision. I did that at Theresa's house, because Destini wanted me to share it with her mom and there was lots of noise and craziness before it, but before I could get halfway through it, everything was quiet, the Spirit was there, and everyone was listening. Whoa. There's no way that experience could NOT be true! 
Theresa, Olivia, and Destini all got to try on their "angel suits" for their baptism as well. Pictures will be attached :) They're adorable :) 
And my HUGE miracle for the week:
Do y'all remember Amethyst? I haven't mentioned her for a couple months because we lost contact with her... But we got a miracle text from her on Thursday! We immediately called her after I finished screaming for joy. We met with her and she has completely cleaned up her life. She's living the commandments! She's received the help that she needed and she's been so clean and good for about a month now! We met, retaught her the Restoration, and she accepted the invite to be baptized on June 4th as well!!!!!! SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! I've been praying so hard for her and God has taken care of her. He will always take care of His children, especially His girls. She came to church for the first time yesterday and LOVED it! I just can't stop smiling.
Near the end of this week, I was just thinking about all the miracles I've been able to witness in just this short little time. And I thought to myself, "all the bad, all the disappointments, all the pain, it's ALL worth it. It's all worth it." I truly am amazed at how little God asks of us. There are really hard weeks. There are really hard days and hours and sometimes even months or years. Life is not easy. BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT! Every pain, struggle and tear creates joys beyond comprehension. I would live my worst weeks over and over again just to see Amethyst, Kaitlyn, Theresa, Olivia, and Destini baptized this transfer. And I'm not just saying that. The hard days don't even compare to the depth of joy I have on the good days. That's what I'm learning out here. No matter how hard it is, the good days always make up for it. Every single time. They don't just make up for it, though. They overfill it. The joy far outweighs the pain. All because God, my very own Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Father, loves me. He loves you. And He is aware of each of His children, whether they want to be aware of Him or not. Oh, God is good.
Kaitlyn is getting baptized this Saturday. Four more souls will be getting baptized this transfer. Our other investigators' hearts are softening and they continue to grow as they learn. I think God gives us these days that are just amazing to help you know that it really is all worth it. No matter how much pain I'm in, stress I'm having, disappointments I receive, I am where I know I need to be. And I'm happy. I pray God lets me stay here longer. I'm grateful for each day I get to serve here, and I hope I never take it for granted. My days as a missionary are numbered, but the lessons I learn here will go on through eternity. And, thankfully, God magnifies our callings and exceeds our abilities as long as we just try. God is just SO good. 
Oh, and remember Patrick? The oil change guy? He's getting baptized on the 28th and he requested that Sister Larsen and I be there. #BaptismsEveryWeekend!!! 
Also, Sister Suda and I spent the day in Annapolis today. We totally did the 6lb shake challenge again with some other sisters. Enjoy the pictures :) Annapolis holds my heart. I seriously want to live here one day. Just sayin'. 
Quote of the Week: "Don't get discouraged. Things will work out." -Gordon B. Hinckley
Scripture of the Week: 3 Nephi 24:3

Sister Humphrey

Sis. Brown and I shredding a book. Sister Brown. Olivia. Destini. Theresa. Kyra took my camera. Sis. Suda and Kiera, Amethyst and I. DTN Annapolis. Sister friends. That shake is bigger than my head. Sis. Sudan and I. Chuggin it. We did it! License plate for Alexis and Cameron (Sorry, I didn't buy them...).


  1. Awesome! Sorry I haven't written but you are doing great! Keep going strong till the end.

  2. We love reading your blogs Sister Pumphrey!!!
    We miss you here in Harper's Ferry, but we know you are doing the Lord's work!!!
    Take care
    The Fields Family
    Harper's Ferry Ward