Mission Call

Mission Call

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"All This Time"

So, the Britt Nicole song, "All This Time" has been running through my brain for the last couple of days now. All this time God as truly been there and He will continue to be here, not only for me, but for you and for all the people I come in contact with. And the greatest comfort I receive when I feel down because of someone else's pain is that God loves that person much more than I do, so I don't have to worry. He's in charge and He's working in their lives. And that gives me so much hope.
And that's just what I love about the gospel. Hope. That's what I came out here to teach and to share and that's just what God is letting me do. It's truly a great thing. The highlight of the week: KAITLYN GOT BAPTIZED!!! Finally :) The day came; everything ran smoothly; the ward was phenomenal helping out; and she was confirmed yesterday :) God is good. I know the Gift of the Holy Ghost is truly going to help her. Kaitlyn has been through so much in her short little life. Much more than any 10 year old should ever have to go through, but now she has the Holy Ghost as her constant companion and that's going to be the greatest gift she could ever have :) Isn't it amazing!? Pictures will definitely be attached. 
Tree's been having a rough week this week. She's just been through so much, but she's a tough woman. Her heart is so broken and she's been so hurt, but the Atonement heals without a scar. It truly does. I know it because I've felt it. I just wish I could help her feel it more and more. Please pray for her. She needs it. Her baptismal date has to be pushed back because of some conflicting schedules and such, but she still wants it. And as long as she has a desire, she can do it! But she needs a lot of help; help that God can only give her. 
We also got to go on exchanges with the Broadneck sisters this week. I got to stay in Odenton with Sister Nakata. She started her mission in Odenton and she was one of the first missionaries to start teaching Theresa a year ago, so it was really neat to see how much she did as a missionary in Odenton after a year. She got to see so many miracles when she came and I loved being a part of it. You never really know the impact you make in people's lives, but sometimes you get a glimpse when you get to come back after time. It just makes me want to work harder and harder and just tell everyone about the gospel all the time! It's so cool :) 
This week we also had Missionary Leadership Counsel where we got to learn about new things we're doing as the Maryland Baltimore Mission to help the work progress. It's pretty cool because we get to see all these statistics, and the work is truly hastening! President received revelation that our mission could double the baptisms from previous years when he first became the President of the MBM. In order to do that, and baptize every other month, we, as a mission, have to find 2 new investigators per companionship per week. And our mission is getting better and better at doing that, and as a result, our baptisms are increasing and increasing! HOW COOL IS THAT!? Leadership meetings are always just my favorite; we get to visit with and learn from President and Sister Christiansen. And we get Cafe Rio for lunch, so there's that. That was basically my week. Exchange, leadership meeting, and baptism. It's been fun :) Oh, and I got bit by a parrot. Those birds are mean. Watch out. 
Just know that God is always aware of you. He truly is. And nothing that you could ever do would keep Him from loving you. If you already have a testimony of that, share it. You have no idea who is around you that needs to hear it. If you haven't yet gained that testimony, that's okay. Pray about it. Ask God if He's really there. I can promise you in His own timing, your answer will come. But you have to be willing. You have to be open. And you have to act on your answer you receive. He won't answer you until you're ready to listen and act. That's always been His pattern. I love you all and I know God loves you even more.
Shout out to my little sister who is graduating tomorrow!! And shout out to my oldest sister who is having a birthday tomorrow!
Love you!
Quote of the Week: "When you are on the Lord's errand, you are entitled to the Lord's help. The Lord shapes the back to bear the burdens placed upon them." -President Monson
Scripture of the Week: Ephesians 6:13

Sister Humphrey

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