Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, October 19, 2015

Miracles Come After the Trial of Your Faith part 2!

Hi all! I just thought I'd let you know that I love you! I promise this week's letter will be better than lasts! So, I'm going to quickly catch you up on some things that happened last week:
A nonmember husband of a member of our ward told Sister Bench and I that we were the most intelligent missionaries he's talked to in the last 50 years... (He was trying to argue with us and we just weren't taking any of it).
Our investigator asked me what my first name was and Sister Bench told her, then she promised to always call me by my last name....a few minutes later we hear her shouting from downstairs, "TERILYN!! How do you pronounce your last name!?!?" Hahaha, we couldn't stop laughing. No one has called me that in a REALLY long time! 
We taught a lesson on the streets to this teenage boy who is totally interested in the church and wants to read the entire Book of Mormon to find out if it's really true. 
Sister Bench and Elder Tharp prophesied my future husband... Let's just say I'm going to be one lucky girl ha-ha.
We picked up THREE new investigators last week and TWO new investigators this week! Four out of five of them have already accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! God provides after the trial of our faith. 
I just found out that because of a commitment I left with a member that my companion was a little hesitant about, two more nonmembers watched General Conference! Sweet! 
Our two new investigators are a mom and a daughter and they both LOVE this Gospel already and have been defending it from their family! 
Okay, now more from this week:
Sister Bench's mom gave awesome words of advice: "Converts are only happy bonuses of missions; the true harvest is from the strength provided to the church from the experience the missionaries gain by doing hard things. It pays off for the rest of their lives and beyond."  So cool. We also taught in District Meeting last Tuesday with the Zone Leaders there and it went really well! We taught about teaching for understanding which was great! We also got to go to our investigator's daughter's track competition this week! So fun! 
"First I do, then I understand" - words of advice from Sister Hinckley. SO perfect when thinking about the commandments and this Gospel. 
So, this week I learned that God will not depend solely on me to help His children find the Gospel. Sister Bench and I basically taught THE WORST restoration lesson ever. It was awful, BUT the Spirit was SO strong there and our investigator could feel the Spirit so much and she accepted the invite to be baptized! Heavenly Father will not depend on young teenagers to bring these people to Christ! We have a huge responsibility. We have to go out and work, but Heavenly Father will make things happen as long as we're trying. Talk about stress-relief. So that was cool. 
We also got to go to a Young Women's choir concert and we watched their show choir... oh my goodness, not appropriate at all. I just keep thinking about the world and the way society is going and it scares me. 
Also, go look up Christian Busath on FB and all his videos on YouTube. I know him and he's hilarious. Apparently he's an actor in "Inspired Guns" also. So, our investigators are doing awesome :) My friend Dave is getting Baptized next week and I'm speaking. One of our investigators was hugging her mom after our lesson with her and she just kept saying, "Momma, I wanna feel it. I wanna feel it." AWE! The Church is True! She knows it! She just wants to feel it now! Alma 32:27! If you just have a desire to know, that is enough. So awesome! I love seeing how the Gospel changes people and their lives. It happens every day. And I am privileged enough to be a part of it. 
We had a huge ward Festival on Saturday. Our investigator totally won the pie eating contest and she's stick thin. Seriously. She's the bomb. And it was Social Media Split Saturday! So hopefully there are picture of us online. We played Ultimate Frisbee and tug-a-war and a whole bunch of other games. It was a blast! Oh, and Utah doesn't have this amazing thing called Sheetz, but it's seriously the best gas station food ever. And they have Hot Chocolate that is TO DIE FOR! Peanut butter hot chocolate... I just can't get enough of it! 
Speaking of Hot Chocolate, two nonmembers invited us into their home last night as we were walking in the freezing cold and offered us hot chocolate. It was seriously the best thing ever. 
And a young boy spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and he said something SO profound! "God gave all of us something special and we may not know what it is, but I know what mine is. It's that I'm a child of God." WOAH! We're children of God! ISN'T THAT AWESOME! He loves us and that makes us special. Something to think about. And I had to mention the Awesome Liddell Family! We were over at their home yesterday and we watched the new Mormon Message and their son Alex had some profound words! He talked to us about how it was like Heavenly Father talking to His son. It was amazing. Watch it. And don't get depressed.... it does seem depressing at first, but think of it like Heavenly Father talking to you, then it's SUPER cool :) 
So, to end the email, I want to share with you a text message our investigator sent us after our last lesson with her. She's learning and growing and it's just more proof that this Church really does have something that people are looking for. She said, "Thank you girls so much. You guys are so awesome in what you do and what you try to teach me and J (her daughter's name's been changed) about the church. Every time we have met I learn more about you guys and the Mormon religion and the more I learn, the more I want to become one because it seems like you guys have given me something that was missing from our other church." SHE'S GOLDEN! The Church is True! The Book is Blue! Now go tell somebody :)
Ponderizing scripture of the week: D&C 24:8
Quote of the Week: "Sometimes it may feel like no one can understand the depth of your despair, but Jesus Christ, Our Savior, understands." -President Utchdorf
I love you all! Send me your Miracles! 

Sister Humphrey

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