Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, October 12, 2015

Miracles Always Come After the Trial of Your Faith

Another crazy week here in Harpers Ferry! Sorry this email won't be as detailed as previous weeks! I only have about 5 minutes to write it. Let's just say that the beginning of this week was really rough. No appointments. A lot of trials of my faith. A lot of asking why. BUT we saw miracles after the trial of our faith! We had interviews with our President this week and that was great, then later that day, after working super hard, the Lord provided us with THREE NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! And they're GOLDEN! Absolutely GOLDEN! And I can't wait to teach them! They all have crazy stories and they need the Gospel in their lives. Seriously. But it was great, and I just can't wait. We also talked to 150 people this week! Which is a record for me and it's the most anyone has talked to in a week in Harpers Ferry for over a year! The Lord provides! Well, I've got to go. Sorry it's not as long this week. :( Hopefully next week it will be better!
Quote of the Week: "By taking part in the Lord's glory, you become glorious yourself." - Hank Smith
Scripture of the Week: Alma 34:32 (Check it out!)
Also, I've been out for four months now, and I just think that's crazy!
I love you all! SO MUCH! Remember that God really is listening to your prayers. He's just waiting to answer them.


Sister Humphrey

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