Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather is definitely here! It was crazy; we walked out of our apartment on Saturday morning and it was FREEZING! Fall just came overnight, literally. And I've heard it's been getting pretty cold in Utah, too! I hope you all don't freeze! 
This week was super great for our investigators! Latear has been on fire reading and studying in the Book of Mormon! She's been recognizing the things she wants to change in her life and she's currently doing it! AND, while I was on exchanges, Latear decided to accept the baptismal date of October 8th!! She's getting baptized on October 8th!!! Woo hoo! That's the last Saturday of this transfer :) She's so rock solid, too! She came to the General Women's broadcast (which was amazing!) and to church the next day :) She's counting down the days until her baptism! Her children still want to be baptized, but she wants to be the example for them, and they still have to come to church before they can make that step. Latear is so good, though :) I'm so grateful for her diligence and love. She's told us quite a bit these last few weeks about how grateful she is that we didn't give up on her. People just need others to cheer them on and be there for them. Everyone needs help fighting and eventually their time comes, but it's only those who fight with them and never give up on them that reap the blessings with them. I find so much joy in seeing her happy and it's crazy how physical the change can be when one decides to follow Christ. I truly truly love her. 
We also went on exchanges with the Hermanas this week! Sister Hokafonu stayed in Chesapeake with Hna Hart and I went to the Alameda with Hna Smith! I can still understand quite a lot of Spanish, but speaking it is another story. Luckily Hna Smith is a champ and we were teaching people who knew English, too, so she'd teach in Spanish, I'd follow along and understand the conversation, then I'd just speak in English and everything worked out! Hna Smith is a champ, though! She's from the Pennsylvania mission and doing super well now. She'll be coming home with me! 
It's definitely been the refiner’s fire these last few weeks, and I'm sure it's not the end of it, but I'm grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to help me grow more and more. I've never felt the need for repentance and prayer as much as I have now, and I'm truly grateful that repentance IS the plan and IS the way back to our Father. He didn't have to provide us with a way back, and a million second chances, but He loves us, so He did anyway and that was through His Son. Our Savior. We all have trials and challenges. We are all so imperfect and I'll be the first to tell you how imperfect I am, but despite our imperfections, He still loves us. And He helps us. And I love Him all the more for it. 
We also had amazing lessons with Monica this last week! She's progressing really well and her understanding of the Gospel is phenomenal! She just up and decided to quit drinking this last week since she met with us because she said God was telling her it was bad and He didn't want her doing it anymore, so she hasn't picked up alcohol since and she said God has made her not even want to taste it anymore :) I love miracles like that! We haven't even taught her about the Word of Wisdom yet! These people are just so prepared! We're truly in the work of the Lord and just trying to keep up with Him! 
The General Women's conference was a highlight for me this week! God always knows what I need to hear! And He gave it to me in the very first talk! I hope you were all able to listen, and if not, it's always on LDS.org for you to watch! It truly was amazing and much needed! And Elder Uchtdorf always knows how to end a meeting lol. Some of my favorite takeaways from the session: CHARITY CHARITY CHARITY! Nuff said about that one; everyone is doing their best; We must have a bedrock understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (that was quoted twice my friends. Must be pretty important); Christ has already taken our pain; We women our refining influences for men; We must be bold in teaching true doctrine to fight off Satan's lies; Faith cannot take away one's agency or change God's will, but it can produce miracles and bring blessings; faith comes to the humble, diligent, and enduring. 
Super great highlights! And there are many many more! 
I hope you have enjoyed this week’s episode of "The Life of Sister Humphrey" tune in for more next week!
I hope and pray you all get the opportunity to listen to general conference. It's seriously the best. No matter what you are struggling with in life, or if you're not struggling at all, General Conference is the place to receive revelation and guidance for what you need in life. I pray you use this opportunity to find God's path for you. It's truly a miraculous experience. And I'd love to hear all that you learn from the sessions! I love you all so very much and pray for you often! XOXO Keep changing lives where you're at! 
Quote of the Week: "What is most important almost always involves the people around us." -President Monson (I can't wait to hear from him this weekend!)
Scripture of the Week: Alma 37:6-7
Pictures: We went to Spirit Halloween last Monday. Enjoy lol. 

Sister Humphrey

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