Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, August 15, 2016

"My Life Be Like..." -Grits‏

Ha-ha, the songs I learn as a missionary. Enjoy that one. So, this week was pretty eventful! Kinda. Let's just say, being stuck inside as a missionary for three days straight with absolutely no entertainment (not even the Restoration video!) will drive a missionary crazy. That was my week. Ha. 
So, on Monday we got to see our recent convert Teresa and watch "Miracles from Heaven" with her. That movie is adorable ha-ha. She cried :) We got to do some good service for her and now she's out of town for three weeks. I miss her already. 
On Wednesday we got to go on exchanges with the Eldersburg sisters! I went to Eldersburg with Sister Warner and had a blast! She's such a hard worker! She's been out almost 9 months (oh and I hit my 14 month mark...), and we just went so hard! We gave away nine copies of the Book of Mormon!  And we picked up a new investigator for them and talked to a bunch of people. It was great. I love days where you just work work and work! And I got to eat at Panera's and try this thing called Sno-fluff, which is basically a snow cone with marshmallow fluff on the bottom and top. It was diabetes in a cup, so that was great :)
On Wednesday, Sister Hokafonu had to have a wisdom tooth pulled! She was hilarious ha-ha. The medicine she was on made her look like one of the "leaners" you see around Baltimore. She was so out of it that she walked into the apartment, went to the fridge, and dumped all her stuff in there... including her scriptures. I have pictures, don't worry ;) Then she went straight to her bed and slept with her sunglasses and shoes on ha-ha. She was so fun. The dentist also did it for free. He even volunteered to take her gold teeth off, for free, if she wanted him to. She's been wanting her gold teeth off for a while now, so she said yes and we'll be going back this week to have that done! That was a miracle. It's over $2000 just to have them removed and he's doing it for free. Such a blessing. Missionaries are seriously so spoiled. People are so generous. I actually love people now. It's weird.
Unfortunately Sister Hokafonu had a really bad reaction to her pain medication, so we ended up staying inside from Wednesday until Sunday, basically. With no movies. And nothing else to do. I updated the area book, cleaned the entire apartment, and read my entire binder full of talks. I almost went crazy. Almost. Sister Hokafonu slept, and I didn't talk to anyone really. Ha, being a missionary, but not being able to do missionary work is rough. It was funny, our last day inside, the Elders dropped off "17 miracles" for us to watch, but they didn't check inside the case and the DVD wasn't even there.... I had already lost all hope of being able to watch something that I wasn't even mad. I laughed. Out loud. I'm sure glad that's over. 
Sister Bindrup did get to come see me, though! She and her family bought us groceries :) And Sister Hokafonu felt well enough to try going out to lunch, so they took us to Olive Garden :) Her family is so cute ha-ha. It's fun being able to see Bindy. It's weird seeing her without a tag, though. She's a blast :) 
On Sunday we got to start working again! Sister Hokafonu wasn't 100%, but she was doing better! Our investigator Tearra even came to church!!! WOOT WOOT! She's officially moved in to our area and we're officially teaching her now :) SO GREAT! We ended up teaching Singing Time in Primary, which was interesting. I gained a greater appreciation for my Mom, as she's had that calling multiple times and she's currently serving there. That's a hard calling ha-ha. We had to teach the kids a song I'd never even heard in my life. I'm so glad kids are so loving. I made a fool out of myself, but they didn't care! Kids are the best :) I love them! :) 
We also had an amazing lesson with the Jones family! They really want to progress and be baptized, but the mom doesn't want to feel like a hypocrite at church. She knows she's not doing everything she should be, so she doesn't want to come just to "look" like a good person. We explained to her that no one who goes to church is perfect, and that's why we need church. The Spirit directed the entire lesson and we ended up sharing the account in Matthew 3 when Christ was baptized and it was so good! They realized how important it really is to be baptized and committed to coming to church next Sunday. I pray they actually do. It felt so good to be out working again! We drove home in a giant lightning storm and we felt like rock stars :) God is good.
That was my week for ya! This next week will be super busy! I'll be emailing again in no time! I hope you are all praying for your very own missionary opportunities! They happen everywhere! Just while emailing my mom a man came up and started asking us about the church. It's amazing :) I love being a missionary! 
Quote of the Week: "God gives us difficulties to bring out the best in us." -Marvin J. Ashton (Yes, mom, I totally stole that quote from you today.)
Scripture of the Week: 2 Timothy 1:7 "God had not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 
Sister Humphrey

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