Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, May 2, 2016


Oh, how I love staying busy and just working! So, I got my new companion, Sister Suda, on Wednesday! She's from Hawaii and she's a convert of about 5 years. She has such an amazing testimony and we just work really well together. She's shown me so much love and she really just works hard! And that's the best because my personal goal this transfer is diligence. I want to just work so hard and get things done! We are praying to baptize (us and the elders) every single week this transfer, starting this weekend. And we know it's only going to happen with hard work and prayer. 
So, a brief recap of the week. I said goodbye to Sister Larsen. She's now in Westminster with the amazing Sister Nish (All she does is bake and baptize... seriously). A member in the ward gave me a Secret Service pin... that's legit. Wednesday my Mommy turned 50 (happy birthday!). We also had a miracle lesson with Kaitlyn, our investigator, and her mom Jessie. Jessie's heart is softening SO MUCH to the point where she's now talking with Kaitlyn about being baptized and they both want to bare their testimonies in sacrament meeting next fast Sunday! Just yesterday we were visiting with them and we had another miracle lesson! Jessie and I got to talk and really understand the doctrine behind the restoration. She has a lot of doubts and confusion, but she's working through it! As we talked, she exclaimed, "THANK YOU! YOU HELPED ME FIND MY TESTIMONY! I KNOW IT'S TRUE NOW! I CAN FEEL IT! I KNOW IT'S TRUE!" And she's been struggling with her testimony for such a long time now! Your prayers are working. They really are. Kaitlyn is just at the edge of baptism right now, about to jump in and we just can't wait! 
We're also still working with Tree. She's moving forward... slowly, but surely. I'll keep you updated on her more next week. Hopefully she'll be getting married this week. We'll see. 
So, one of Sister Suda's talents is teaching the Restoration everywhere. She just teaches it and teaches it. And because of her brief teaching, we picked up three new investigators this week! One of which is Giovanni, the woman who's been meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses that Sister Larsen and I felt prompted to knock on her door! She's a new investigator :) She's got a really depressing look on life, mainly because she believes that once you die, that's the end, but she hopes for more and that's all you need to find the truth. Hope. 
Then we taught this man named Bill, who is a Roman Catholic and LOVES everything about the Mormon Church, but doesn't understand the Great Apostasy. We expounded some scriptures with him and he'll be coming to church next week :) He's now a new investigator (but we'll likely be giving him over to the Elders). Then later in the week, we got this random call from this crazy old lady. Never met her before, but apparently we had an appointment with her that she had to cancel (don't ask me how that happened). Her name is Lee and she's 61 and physically disabled. She called us so we could come do service at her home because she had a friend when she was FIFTEEN years old (that's a long time ago) that was Mormon and told her that the missionaries and the Mormons could always do service and help her if she needed it. She remembered that and called us up. So we scheduled an appointment and went to meet her. We were a little hesitant because we had no idea what her story was and on the phone she sounded super crazy... and when she answered the door and welcomed us in, she was holding a knife. Let's just say Sister Suda and I were terrified, but it all still felt all right, so we went in. And all was well. She was just holding a knife because she wanted to give it to us to cut some things as service ha-ha. As we served her, we taught her and she said she was willing to learn more, so now we're teaching her! She also let me hold her bird, and then it never wanted to leave my shoulder. Then it pooped on me. So there's that. 
Another great miracle this last week: we've been working with a less-active family who is temporarily in our ward. They're awesome. Seriously, I love them so much. And one of the daughters, Missy, and her husband were over when we came over. I've met them both before, but I didn't know that they weren't members. Turns out, they want to be members! They announced to us last Thursday that they were moving to Odenton in May and that they wanted to be taught all the lessons so they could join the church! And we get to start teaching them! God is so good. The best thing is that all of these miracles really have nothing to do with me. I didn't make them happen. All I did was work hard, be as exactly obedient as I can, and follow the Spirit. That simple. And the windows of Heaven are opening. And I get to witness it :) 
We also got to meet with Sonia, the Methodist pastor yesterday. She believes Joseph Smith was a prophet! And the Book of Mormon! But she also believes that every church is basically true.... so she obviously doesn't understand the Great Apostasy... we're still working with her on that.
This week really has been amazing. We've had our disappointments, as every week carries, but we've had incredible spiritual highs and miracles. Diligence. Work. Hard work. It all pays off. And I'm learning so much from Sister Suda already. I love this work :) It's seriously the best work there is! 
Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all those mothers and motherly figures in my life! I love you all and you mean the world to me! Oh, and I have the best mom in the world. Just sayin'
I'll see you (family) on Sunday for SKYPE! 
Quote of the Week: "The first syllable of the word testimony is test. And yes, there is a test in acquiring the knowledge you seek." -John Bytheway
Scripture of the week: Psalm 147:3

Sister Humphrey

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