Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, March 21, 2016


Happy Easter Week everyone! I hope you are all remembering the true reason we celebrate Easter. Christ was RESURRECTED!!! And we can live again, because of Him! How amazing is that? I love it. I love this gospel! There is ALL hope in Christ's name. He gives me hope, and I hope to share that with all around me! 
This week has been pretty great! Sister Larsen and I are getting over a little cold, but things are looking up! We didn't have any water in our apartment on Monday or Tuesday because of some leak in our complex. Good thing that's taken care of! I really like to shower ha-ha. Our heating decided to stop working a couple days ago. I never realized how important the heat is until is started dropping to the 60's. Then I really really wanted it back! But we are alive :) 
My family sent me a really funny package full of 1/2 of everything! I love them :) They're the best. 
Funny quotes this week: "I'm a grandma. I'm turning 22... I'm so old!" - Sister Larsen (Her birthday isn't even for another 3 months...)
"You know you're old when your nose hairs turn gray!) - Lynda, our investigator
"I made it through college without becoming a liberal." - A member's mom ha-ha. 
"I still can't believe you wear yoga pants..." "I wanted green; he wanted brown; so we compromised and we bought brown. #PreparingForMarriedLife"  - Sarah, our investigator who can't picture us in anything but the skirts we wear! 
We got to meet with Lynda and Sarah this week! And we found a new investigator named Lynne! She's very active in her Episcopalian church, but she's willing to keep meeting with us if she receives an answer to her prayer that this church is true this week. Ha-ha. She's funny. She kept praising Jesus in the middle of the prayer and was talking to Him the entire time while Sister Larsen was praying. I had to hold in my laughter. We didn't think she was listening at all, so Sister Larsen just kept praying for her to know that our church was true and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. She went on and on and at the end, when Sister Larsen said "Amen," Lynne shouted her "Amen". It was great ha-ha. She believes in many of the things we believe in, but they're a little twisted. It's kinda strange to see the different interpretations of the bible there are that just don't make any sense! This gospel is simple! It doesn't have to be complex! ha-ha, hopefully we'll be able to help her see that. But she's great :) And our lesson with Lynda was FANTASTIC! She prayed for the first time in YEARS! It was amazing. She said she's starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She's finding answers and she's getting happier. I LOVE IT! And General Conference is coming up! And the Women's conference! There are just so many things happening! It's GREAT! And Sarah is still asking a lot of questions and she asked us to study BAPTISM for our next lesson with her! Yeah, I don't think we'll have a problem with that! We also got to meet with Amethyst this week! Finally. She's still really struggling, but she wants to be baptized on her birthday, April 22nd. She just has to come to church and start ACTING! Faith without works is dead. It's true. 
I got to try eating Korean cake for the first time. And Fuh, Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. yum :) We also got a call from the assistants telling us that we'll be having a mini-missionary stay with us on the 28-30th! Three mini-missionaries on my mission so far! That's gotta be a record! We have no idea where she'll sleep, but we'll make it work somehow! We love it :) 
Church was great yesterday. As the ward members in ward council saw our full progress record full of investigators, they started getting really excited! It's great to see these ward members get excited about missionary work, because it's exciting! I love this ward! Odenton is amazing and I swear I get to be in the best areas in the mission. I love it :) That was my week :) It's great!
Shout out to Emily Hovey for having a birthday yesterday! 
Also, shout out to Sister Kayla Skalka who is returning with honor from her mission next week! Congrats! Time flies!
Quote of the Week: "#BecauseOfHim: Death has no sting. No goodbye will last forever. There are no endings. I can leave my past behind. The world is filled with second chances." #Hallelujah
Scripture of the Week: Alma 11:44
Some other quotes I heard this week that I really enjoyed:
"Obedience is faith with legs."
"Pray as if it all depends on Him, then work as if it all depends on you."
"We obey not because we are blind, but because we see." - Elder Ballard
"If this church is true, then it is vitally important. If it's not, then we are still spending our time doing good things that make us, and others, happy." 
"If you testify and talk about Christ, Christ will talk about you to the Father." 

Sister Humphrey

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