Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, February 8, 2016

O-town is the Best Town

So, this week was AMAZING! And full of miracles. My companion has been a little sick, so we had to stay in a bit this week, but God provides miracles for us when we go out and work! We had the amazing opportunity of finding FOUR new investigators this week! AND three of them are praying about being baptized in March! How cool is that? Unfortunately we haven't been able to meet with Amethyst, one of our investigators, this week, but hopefully next week. We're praying for her and we know she's ready to change and be baptized, but it might take some time. 
Sister Larsen and I have basically planned our future together as best friends. She's still trying to convince me go to school at BYUI. Still not sure if that would ever happen, but she is hoping! 
Oh, and we got to go to the Temple this week! That has been the HIGHLIGHT of my entire week. There's so much to learn there and I just want to learn it all! But there's also so much peace. And I love to see the temple. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to go. There is strength and there is power within those walls. I encourage you all to go soon, even if you just sit on the temple grounds. There is peace.
We also have so many less-active who are progressing in the Gospel! They're starting to come back to church and we get to see their lives change! It's the best. Sister Larsen and I have been talking a lot about positive thinking, and about believing in God and we've had such enlightening conversations about it. Positive thinking can bring (some) people out of depression. I've seen it in my own life as well as the lives of others (no that does not mean all people should just talk positively. Some help may be necessary). But by changing our mindset, we can change our lives. It all starts with our thoughts. That's why living the Law of Chastity is about so much more than just staying physically clean. It's about thinking positively and keeping virtuous thoughts in your mind. And there are SO many blessings that come from that! As we've been talking about believing in God, we've discussed many atheist views that we've seen in our own lives and in the scriptures. I don't want to speak too much about this, but as we've studied the scriptures, every single person who tried to persuade others that there was no Christ or God has always admitted that they "always knew there was a God" (take Alma 30:30-52 for example). People get hurt. Life is hard. But there is SO MUCH EVIDENCE of there being a God. Why else would we be on this Earth? His plan is so perfect. And we can see Him everywhere. Unfortunately, some people are hurt so much that it can be hard to see clearly. Many tell me I follow a blind belief, but I know that I see more because I know there is a God; and I know there is a Savior. And that's where true happiness is found. 
If you haven't yet read "Believing Christ" I would encourage you to do so now. Gaining a testimony and letting wounds heal all starts with prayer. Try it out. There's no harm in asking, and I can promise you you'll get an answer. God is just waiting to let you know that He is there. It's no surprise that "ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you" is repeated in the scriptures so many times. It's an invitation to act. And as we act on that invitation, we receive way more than we could ever ask for. 
There is hope. There is light. There is life. And it's all possible through our Heavenly Father's perfect plan and our Savior's great Atoning sacrifice. This life is amazing, and I hope each and every one of you can feel that love and enjoy those blessings our Father wants to give you. 
I love you all and I pray for you often. I know the greatest happiness can only be found in this Gospel. And I hope you all find that more and more each day.
Quote of the Week: "Have the courage to be a light for others to follow." -President Monson
Scripture of the Week: Matthew 5:16
Stay strong. God is with you. 
Sister Humphrey
Oh, and the last two pictures: sister Larsen and I have been obsessed with funny birthday cards. This one was one of our favorites...

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