Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, February 1, 2016

Here Comes the Snow...

So, I've been getting emails from people telling me they didn't get my email two weeks ago. My email says it sent, but here it is again. Lots of things have happened since then, and I wasn't able to email last week due to the snow, but I'll catch you up on everything this week in my group email! I hope this time it sends! I love you all!!
Sister Humphrey

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Subject: Here Comes the Snow...

In case y'all were wondering, this Friday and Saturday the east coast is expecting the biggest storm they've had in the last 13 years... and I'm going to be stuck right in it. And it's already started to snow. Not excited about that, but at least I have awesome people to freeze with! 
So, this week started off SO GREAT! Last Monday (the 11th), after emailing, Sister Brown and I went to get my watch a new battery and the person fixing it said it'd be about $10. Okay, not a big deal; well, random act of kindness! I'm about to pay and they person said, "No charge for today." What? I probably had the funniest look on my face because I was so confused, but he just said, "I got it." Uhh.... that was awesome! I mean, $10 really isn't that much, but that was a big deal! That man, for reasons unknown to me, served me. Whether he recognized the name on my name tag, or he just decided to be kind, he served me, and, thus, he served our Father in Heaven. That's pretty cool. And it totally started off my week with an attitude of service.
It was funny, that day we were also getting fed dinner and the members who were feeding us are the best :) They're so kind. And the Sister looked at me and said, "Sister Humphrey is looking too skinny right now, so she better eat up all on her plate. I'll be watching..." (which is totally NOT true), but she inspected my plate when we finished eating. I passed. The funny/sad part is, she decided to feed us KFC, and I LOVE KFC, but for some reason the fried chicken was making me feel sick to my stomach... and I had to eat ALL of it. Bad timing. So there's a funny story for ya. 
We had an amazing miracle this week! We found a new investigator! She was taught by missionaries before, but it was just bad timing for her, so now we're teaching her and she's loving it! We're going to answer some of her questions later today and hopefully commit her to baptism! Exciting! 
I also got to see my favorite family from West Virginia this week! The Haddox family came to feed Sister Brown and me at the new Panda Express last Saturday! They're the best. I miss them like crazy! We talked and it totally wasn't long enough! They gave me my very own Mint blue Christmas tree and homemade caramels! And Sister Haddox wore my favorite shoes. They're seriously the best family ever. 
We got to talk with our 12 year old friend we call Sissy! She's going to come to Mutual this Wednesday! And she's still reading the Book of Mormon! Yay! We just have to ask her mom if we can teach her! 
Saturday was #SocialMediaSplit Saturday, so you might see me on Facebook in a few pictures! And on this Social Media Split day, I got to talk with basically the perfect family. They're so awesome. They have all these traditions in their family that they do that allows them to learn the scriptures and grow closer with their Father in Heaven daily. I hope to raise my family like those parents raise theirs. My Mom gave me a pretty good example, too :) 
In a lesson this week I was talking with a certain Sister who felt like she didn't deserve God's love because she hadn't been coming to church. As we talked, she realized that although she felt she didn't deserve it, she still knew she was feeling it. And that just goes to show that God's love is UNCONDITIONAL! Whether you're always doing what you're supposed to or not, He will always love you. As you keep His commandments and follow Him, you receive even more blessings, but He WANTS to bless you and He will always love you as long as He lives (which will be forever, in case you were wondering). So there's that. God loves you. And I hope you can feel it. I encourage you to look for it. His love is evident in our daily lives. He's there. He knows you. And He wants to bless you. 
Lastly, we had a great day yesterday! We didn't get to email because the public library was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but we did get to go bowling with the Elders, and I got to make my favorite meal at the Martins! Chicken Pillows! So yummy. We might have butchered the recipe, but we did our best from my memory. And it was delicious. Oh, and then I got a perm. So there's that. I guess because we can't be crazy and get tattoos or anything, especially as a missionary, I wanted to be crazy with my hair. I'll attach a before and after picture. It's different! 

Some funny quotes from this week:
"I'd totally be a Mormon if I didn't have to quit coffee. They have attractive men." -from a former investigator who already acts Mormon except for her coffee addiction.
"Wolverine is so attractive..." "Uhh... you're not supposed to be hitting on the members in the ward..." "EW! NO! I said Wolverine from X-men!" "Uh.. who's that?" - A conversation between Sister Brown and me after leaving the house of a member who was watching Wolverine. Sister Brown thought I said the member's name rather than Wolverine. In her defense, I did say it under my breath so no one else would hear it ha-ha.

Oh, and shout out to my parents for having an Anniversary! I'm glad you changed your lives by marrying each other... or else you wouldn't have been blessed with me ;) 
I hope you all had an amazing week! Work hard and never lose hope! Love you! 

Sister Humphrey

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