Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Dare To Be A Mormon"

Oh goodness! This week was CRAZY! I feel like all the mission weeks are crazy, but each week they seem to get even crazier ha-ha. I don't know what that's all about, but let me tell y'all about this week! First, I want to give my little niece Elise a shout out! Happy 3rd Birthday! And I'd say Happy Birthday to my little sister, but I'm in denial about the fact that she's 18.... so I'm ignoring it. But I still love her ;) 
I get to use my Sign Language knowledge here! We have a deaf sister in the ward, and she's AMAZING! We get to go over every Monday and I get to practice my signing! She says I'm better than her husband, ha-ha, so that's great! She's awesome. We had a lot of changes this last week as we had Zone Conference! Many rules have changed; we now have to be inside planning by 9pm. Many of the things we used to report will not be reported anymore. And a whole bunch of other stuff. The load of stress I didn't even know was there has been lifted! Now we get to truly focus on our purpose as missionaries! Bringing people to Christ! Rather than on numbers. We know what we need to do, and how we need to do it, so now our job is just to get it done! And our Mission President has promised us that if we do all we can and follow his inspired counsel, we will be baptizing once every other month! That will DOUBLE the baptisms in this mission! And as a little bit of evidence of that, and the Lord's amazing preparation, my friend Jen is getting baptized on Sunday!!! My heart is so full of joy right now, I can't even express it! 
And just an hour after our Zone Conference, Sister Brown and I had 4 return appointments, and we FOUND A NEW INVESTIGATOR! Many things are looking up here in Martinsburg. Many things. Jesus is a God of miracles. 
I also got to eat my favorite meal (pizza and ice cream drumsticks, for those of you who don't know), so that basically made my night. We did a lot of service this week helping people move, too. Shout out to my Dad for teaching me how to take apart and put up a trampoline all those years... I was able to help a family do that this week! Oh, and I thought my family might laugh at this: you know how I always seem to rip my jeans because of my gymnast thighs? Missions don't change that fact at all. Yeah, awkward. 
Just some random things this week: A creepy guy decided to ask me out to dinner in Downtown Martinsburg... then he said he'd be looking for me at church. That happened. Luckily he wasn't there (is it bad I was hoping someone WOULDN'T come to church? Probably). It's getting drier here, so my nose hasn't been happy and I've had to use a lot of spray-n-wash. I got to flip around a little bit while doing service :) And Bishop's wife got a video ha-ha. Members are bringing friends to church and we're seeing MIRACLES! That has basically been my week this week. Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so I'd like to challenge you all to stop and think. Think about what you have. Think about what you've been given. Rather than thinking about all you need and all you need to do, think about all that's been accomplished. All that you've been able to do, because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You have knowledge! You have opportunity! Many of you have the fullness of the Gospel in your lives. How amazing is that? You know there is a Prophet on the Earth today. God guides His children through His prophet. We have all we need RIGHT NOW to live with God again. Everything. We might not have the fanciest car, or the biggest house. We might not have straight A's in school or a bunch of money to buy Christmas presents, but we have knowledge. And we have family. And that's all we need. So while you're stuffing your faces this Thanksgiving (because I know I'll be doing that, too), remember why you have what you have. Remember God and Jesus Christ. They love you. They LOVE you. Remember it, reflect on it, and never, please, never forget it.
Quote of the Week: "Dare to be a Mormon. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose firm, and dare to make it known." 
Scripture of the Week: Alma 13:28

Sister Humphrey

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