Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, August 10, 2015

Month two!

Can you believe it's already been two months? It feels like forever ago when I walked into the MTC last June, but it also feels so completely new still! Crazy! So, we got our transfer calls this week! I'm staying in Harpers Ferry!!! YAY! And I'm getting a new companion on Wednesday, but I still don't know who it is yet. Hopefully I find out soon because it's driving me crazy not knowing! 
So, this week has been pretty good. We had our little mini-missionary Sister Gonzales with us until Friday and we ended up having a miracle because of her! So, we were street contacting and we stopped to talk to this lady sitting on a park bench and she ended up speaking very little English, only Spanish. I could understand what she was saying and I could translate to Sister Lawrence, but I couldn't reply back to her nearly as well as I wanted to, so this lady seemed uninterested because she thought Mormons were atheist (who would've thought?), but because Sister Gonzales was with us, she was able to translate for us and we were able to schedule a return appointment for the Spanish Elders to take over, and get this, they're now new investigators! Harpers Ferry hasn't had Spanish investigators for at least a year! Crazy cool miracle! 
We ended up having to drop a couple of our investigators because they've been too busy to meet with us, but that just means we have time now to start looking for new investigators! And we just might have one! Another little miracle, we were street contacting, yet again, and we stopped to talk to this guy named Sean chopping down a tree and his girlfriend and mother of two of his kids, Haley. Haley and her family are Christians, but they didn't seem interested in learning more, and neither did Sean, but later that night we got a text from Sean! He's been asking us a whole bunch of questions, but he didn't want his girlfriend to know he was interested just yet. We'll see where that goes, but I'm pretty excited! It's not often we get people to text/call us after giving them our number! Cool miracle :)
We got to meet with one of my favorite families again this week! The H's! We've been teaching their little girl to prepare her for baptism, and her parents are just being amazing and teaching her right alongside us! I just love them. Little quote from their daughter this week, "I'm so glad I'm in the right church!" after teaching her about the restoration and plan of salvation :) That family never fails to make me laugh. Sister H even let us try on some of her wigs for some costumes they'll be dressing up in! She gave me permission to attach some pictures with her girl and their wigs, so you'll get to see those. Yeah, I shouldn't color my hair blue; it's not my color. 
This week we also got to go to the Relief Society activity where they were riding horses! Unfortunately as a missionary I'm not allowed to ride, but we had fun watching everyone else ride! And I know my mother has pictures from a ward member, so maybe if you beg her she'll post those on my blog ;) Oh! And I met a fellow power tumbler's boyfriend who works at the stables! Small world! 
We also saw this sign on our way to Holly's home in front of some church that said, "Skateboarders will be baptized" like it was a threat! Haha, pictures will be coming soon, but we haven't been able to stop by yet! Speaking of my favorite Holly, she got her Patriarchal blessing Saturday! WOHOO! I was able to be there with Sis. Lawrence and it was just amazing! Heavenly Father has so much in store for His children! It definitely helped me study my blessing and actually see all the direction and cautions Heavenly Father gave me. Those blessings are so important! Of course, everyone should wait until their ready to understand the importance and sacredness of it, but I'm definitely glad I got mine when I did :) I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! 
On Friday, Sister Lawrence left with the other missionaries who are leaving this transfer to go to the D.C. temple because it'll be closed on Wednesday, so I stayed back with Sister Gonzales! I was training her and taking over the area with a sweet 17 year old! Talk about responsibility! And I thought exchanges would be a challenge... Although it was tough, the day was actually pretty spectacular! We helped out at Activity Days Camp and got to go see Sister Burton on her 90th birthday and sing happy birthday to her :) We also had our last lesson with my favorite Michaela! She's just so amazing. Simply put. She and Ian sang in church on Sunday "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and it was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't sing that well if I practiced my entire life, no joke. She's just amazing. She'll be leaving for college on the 14th, so we won't be able to meet with her much longer, but she's definitely been a blessing in my life. During our last lesson, I could just feel Heavenly Father's love for her, and He has SO much love for her. She's the first one to make me tear up! I know it's still hard for her to understand the Book of Mormon, but I also know that as she just continues to read it and pray, her answer will come. She's building her faith in so many ways. I know she never has to doubt that. I could just feel how proud Heavenly Father is of her. Truly truly proud. GAH I love that girl! I sure hope we get to stay in touch! 
So, another cool miracle this week! Amy and her family, a family we used to teach, invited us into their home the other day and we got to meet her husband who was very unaccepting of Mormons at first, but I guess his heart has finally softened! We don't know if we'll be able to teach them again just yet, but we do know that we can start building our relationship again! And that's truly all we need right now. That just makes me so happy! I can see so many blessings The Lord is providing us with! His work will progress! 
Well, I think that is all for this week. It sure does seem like I write a lot... maybe I should calm that down a bit haha, but then I look in my journal and I see so many things I've left out! There's just so much to do and report on in a mission! 
I have so many spiritual thoughts going through my mind right now, but I don't think many of them would apply to anyone but missionaries, then I remembered: We're ALL missionaries! So, I just want you all to ask yourself this questions: What am I doing to help someone towards Eternal Life? Because, essentially, that's why we're all here. Simply put, we're on this earth to grow and learn how to choose the right. When we've gained that knowledge in Jesus Christ's gospel, we should be living it, which includes sharing it! I know I've felt so much happiness from these Eternal Truths I've learned throughout my life and I know the best way to thank Heavenly Father for such peace and joy is to share it with all His children, so that they might have that peace and joy also. I'd like to encourage all of you to serve your friends, family, strangers, and neighbors. Help them feel God's love for them just as I know you feel in your own lives. I love you all and I hope you have a FANTASTIC WEEK! I'll have so much more to report on next week!  Love you! 
Ps. I attached a picture with an amazing young woman I get to do mission prep with! 
Pss. I've abbreviated names in my emails and will continue to do so for the privacy of my friends.

Sister Humphrey

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