Mission Call

Mission Call

Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Great Week in Harpers Ferry!

We've had a couple miracles this week! We're going through our potential and former investigators list and contacting as many as we can; so, this week we were able to get two solid return appointments with some potentials and they both seemed genuinely interested, so hopefully we'll have at least two more investigators next week! Last week we were in downtown Harpers Ferry during our preparation day, so that was fun! We had some yummy chocolate ├ęclair ice cream and it was amazing! And there's this store full of "old" candy and it's just amazing! I'm totally going back and buying everything. Seriously. 
There was this teaching opportunity we had last Tuesday with one of the members and we watched the "Lift" video (if you haven't watched it yet, do it!) and we could feel the Spirit SO strong! The Holy Ghost was really giving me some guidance and He helped me understand why our Heavenly Father wants us to serve so much. He wants us to serve because when we serve, our hearts are opened up to more of God's children and we are then able to feel bits and pieces of God's love for them. God wants us to serve, so we can become more like Him, by loving His children as He does. I know that probably makes no sense at all, but it was such a great experience. I love these people here, and I know that's just been a blessing from God.
So, thanks to my awesome little sister Alexis, I was able to listen to Al Fox Carraway and Hank Smith speak on Friday and Saturday last week! We went to the Frederick Maryland Stake Center on Friday and the D.C. Visitors Center on Saturday with some amazing people! The H's came with us on Saturday and we had a fantastic time with them! They fed me pizza :) Haha, and the Spirit was so strong during those presentations! And their daughter drew me this thank you card that is absolutely adorable and I'm keeping it forever. 
Some highlights and quotes from this week:
"Pray to Heavenly Father like it all depends on Him; works as though it all depends on you."
"A personal testimony of the Gospel and the Church is the most important thing you can EARN in this life." - Dieter F. Utchdorf (Testimonies don't come for free!)
"God will speak to you in dreams, visions, thoughts and feelings. He will speak in a way that transcends human experience." -Dieter F. Utchdorf
Some things I've learned from Al this week: If you just "really try," you will find yourself in places you never could have imagined. God will help make you who He knows you can be. Just by trying, I can be an influence in someone's life that could change it for eternity, and so can you. Just keep going. Just keep trying. Hard times will always be there, but so will Christ. "Embrace the unexpected knowing that He is guiding you." 
Some things I've learned from Hank Smith this week: 1-He was in Roy, Utah Thursday (That's just a fun fact haha). 2- There's apparently 9 different descriptions of Joseph Smith's First vision, 4 of which come from Joseph and 5 by people who listened to Joseph describe it- All of which tell the same thing: The Father and The Son came to earn and called Joseph Smith to be the first prophet of the Restored Church. 
3- A testimony has to be earned. One cannot simply get a testimony. It's earned by reflection, church attendance, scripture reading, scripture pondering, prayer, overcoming opposition, and time. Light comes gradually, just as the sun rises. 
I know that God has given me too much- I am not going to give up on Him now. 
A person with an EXPERIENCE is NEVER at the mercy of a person with an opinion.
Defend your experiences. Defend your testimony. One person's opinion cannot shake what you know to be true and what you've experienced for yourself. I encourage you all to have your own Sacred Grove experience. Find out for yourself if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Ask Heavenly Father. We must obtain from God that which man cannot give; or take away. Work for the day when you can say, "I cannot be shaken." I know you all can do it. I know Heavenly Father will answer all your prayers. Life is hard, and Satan attacks even harder when you're about to make a difference. Don't let Him stop you. Don't let him win. You can work miracles in your own life as well as the lives of those around you. I know that to be true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. 
THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! Now go and tell somebody ;)
I love you all and I'm so grateful for all the love and prayers that I'm receiving from you. You are all truly children of God and He is looking out for you. I hope you have a great week! Send me some miracles this week from home! 
S/O to little Ali Hovey for having a birthday! I miss you cute girl!
S/O to Uncle Jim for also having a birthday! 
S/O to Alexis for telling me about Al Fox and Hank Smith- they made my week! 

Sister Humphrey

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